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Circle CI

This project exists as an example for continuous integration of Elixir on CircleCI.
It also works as a bit of a boilerplate project.


  • Builds your project as a docker container, and automatically pushes it to dockerhub if tests pass
  • Runs Dialyzer on your project
  • Caches build environment and container layers for quick build times.


Getting this going in your project:

  • Copy the scripts/ci folder, circle.yml & Dockerfile to your project.
  • add {:earmark, "~> 0.1", only: :dev}, {:ex_doc, "~> 0.7", only: :dev} to mix.exs deps
  • Update the Erlang and Elixir versions to the latest in the Dockerfile
  • Set CIRCLE_PROJECT_REPONAME in the Dockerfile to your project's name
  • Make changes to the Docker File as appropriate for your project
  • Specify the deps and apps you care about for dialyzer in your mix file. (see our example)
  • Add credentials for the Docker.com repo to your CircleCI account (optional for deployment) https://circleci.com/docs/docker
  • Add the repo to CircleCI so that the webhook is installed

Deploying to Docker Hub

This example also deploys the built image to Docker Hub after successfully building and testing. See the deployment section of [circle.yml](circle.yml) for details on how this is done. Note that three environment variables need to be set on CircleCI for the deployment to work:

  • DOCKER_EMAIL - The email address associated with the user with push access to the Docker Hub repository
  • DOCKER_USER - Docker Hub username
  • DOCKER_PASS - Docker Hub password (these are all stored encrypted on CircleCI, and you can create a deployment user with limited permission on Docker Hub if you like)

Also note that the Docker Hub repository name and Docker registry endpoint are hard-coded into [circle.yml](circle.yml) and [.dockercfg.template](.dockercfg.template) respectively and would need to be changed to deploy to a different repository or registry.

Publish to Hex

  • Pull your docker image and run it in a container. e.g. docker pull nirvana/belvedere docker run -i -t CONTAINER_ID
  • Authorize your hex user with mix hex.user auth
  • Publish the package with mix hex.publish
  • Publish the docs with mix hex.docs

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