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Programming language: Elixir
License: MIT License
Latest version: v1.4.1

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Use Commanded to build your own Elixir applications following the CQRS/ES pattern.

Provides support for:

  • Command registration and dispatch.
  • Hosting and delegation to aggregates.
  • Event handling.
  • Long running process managers.

Commanded provides a solid technical foundation for you to build on. It allows you to focus on modelling your domain, the most important part of your app, creating a better application at a faster pace.

You can use Commanded with one of the following event stores for persistence:

Please refer to the [CHANGELOG](CHANGELOG.md) for features, bug fixes, and any upgrade advice included for each release.

Requires Erlang/OTP v21.0 and Elixir v1.9 or later.

Supporting Commanded

You can help support Commanded by helping to fund its ongoing development, new features, and releases.



MIT License

Build Status Join the chat at https://gitter.im/commanded/Lobby

This README and the following guides follow the master branch which may not be the currently published version.

Read the documentation for the latest published version of Commanded on Hex.


  • [Getting started](guides/Getting%20Started.md)
  • [Choosing an event store](guides/Choosing%20an%20Event%20Store.md)
    • [PostgreSQL-based EventStore](guides/Choosing%20an%20Event%20Store.md#postgresql-based-elixir-eventstore)
    • [Greg Young's Event Store](guides/Choosing%20an%20Event%20Store.md#greg-youngs-event-store)
  • [Using Commanded](guides/Usage.md)
    • [Aggregates](guides/Aggregates.md)
    • [Example aggregate](guides/Aggregates.md#example-aggregate)
    • [Commanded.Aggregate.Multi](guides/Aggregates.md#using-commandedaggregatemulti-to-return-multiple-events)
    • [Aggregate state snapshots](guides/Aggregates.md#aggregate-state-snapshots)
    • [Commands](guides/Commands.md)
    • [Command handlers](guides/Commands.md#command-handlers)
    • [Command dispatch and routing](guides/Commands.md#command-dispatch-and-routing)
      • [Define aggregate identity](guides/Commands.md#define-aggregate-identity)
      • [Multi-command registration](guides/Commands.md#multi-command-registration)
      • [Dispatch timeouts](guides/Commands.md#timeouts)
      • [Dispatch consistency guarantee](guides/Commands.md#command-dispatch-consistency-guarantee)
      • [Dispatch returning execution result](guides/Commands.md#dispatch-returning-execution-result)
      • [Aggregate lifespan](guides/Commands.md#aggregate-lifespan)
      • [Composite command routers](guides/Commands.md#composite-command-routers)
    • [Middleware](guides/Commands.md#middleware)
      • [Example middleware](guides/Commands.md#example-middleware)
    • [Composite command routers](guides/Commands.md#composite-command-routers)
    • [Events](guides/Events.md)
    • [Domain events](guides/Events.md#domain-events)
    • [Event handlers](guides/Events.md#event-handlers)
      • [Consistency guarantee](guides/Events.md#consistency-guarantee)
    • [Upcasting events](guides/Events.md#upcasting-events)
    • [Process managers](guides/Process%20Managers.md)
    • [Example process manager](guides/Process%20Managers.md#example-process-manager)
    • [Supervision](guides/Supervision.md)
    • [Serialization](guides/Serialization.md)
    • [Default JSON serializer](guides/Serialization.md#default-json-serializer)
    • [Configuring JSON serialization](guides/Serialization.md#configuring-json-serialization)
    • [Decoding event structs](guides/Serialization.md#decoding-event-structs)
    • [Using an alternative serialization format](guides/Serialization.md#using-an-alternative-serialization-format)
    • [Customising serialization](guides/Serialization.md#customising-serialization)
    • [Read model projections](guides/Read%20Model%20Projections.md)
  • [Deployment](guides/Deployment.md)
    • [Single node deployment](guides/Deployment.md#single-node-deployment)
    • [Multi node cluster deployment](guides/Deployment.md#multi-node-cluster-deployment)
    • [Multi node, but not clustered deployment](guides/Deployment.md#multi-node-but-not-clustered-deployment)
  • [Testing with Commanded](guides/Testing.md)
  • Used in production?
  • Example application
  • Learn Commanded in 20 minutes
  • [Choosing an event store provider](guides/Choosing%20an%20Event%20Store.md#writing-your-own-event-store-provider)
  • Tooling
  • Contributing
  • Need help?

Used in production?

Yes, see the companies using Commanded.

Example application

Conduit is an open source, example Phoenix 1.3 web application implementing the CQRS/ES pattern in Elixir. It was built to demonstrate the implementation of Commanded in an Elixir application for the Building Conduit book.

Learn Commanded in 20 minutes

Watch Bernardo Amorim introduce CQRS and event sourcing at Code Beam SF 2018. Including a tutorial on how to implement an Elixir application using these concepts with Commanded.


Pull requests to contribute new or improved features, and extend documentation are most welcome.

Please follow the existing coding conventions, or refer to the Elixir style guide.

You should include unit tests to cover any changes. Run mix test to execute the test suite.


Commanded exists thanks to the following people who have contributed.

Need help?

Please open an issue if you encounter a problem, or need assistance. You can also seek help in the Gitter chat room for Commanded.

For commercial support, and consultancy, please contact Ben Smith.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the commanded README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.