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Programming language: Elixir
License: MIT License
Latest version: v0.1.0

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Create Elixir structs, maps with atom keys, and keyword lists from CSV/TSV data.

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You can view full DataMorph API documentation on hexdocs.

Note, we should never convert user input to atoms. This is because atoms are not garbage collected. Once an atom is created, it is never reclaimed.

Generating atoms from user input would mean the user can inject enough different names to exhaust our system memory, or we reach the Erlang VM limit for the maximum number of atoms which will bring our system down regardless.



{:data_morph, "~> 0.1.0"}

to your deps in mix.exs like so:

defp deps do
    {:data_morph, "~> 0.1.0"}

Usage examples

Given a CSV file of data like this:

(echo "name,iso-code" && echo New Zealand,nz && echo United Kingdom,gb) > tmp.csv

Define a struct and return stream of structs created from a csv stream, a namespace string or atom, and a name string or atom.

File.stream!('./tmp.csv') \
|> DataMorph.structs_from_csv("my-module", :iso_country) \
|> Enum.to_list
# [
#   %MyModule.IsoCountry{iso_code: "nz", name: "New Zealand"},
#   %MyModule.IsoCountry{iso_code: "gb", name: "United Kingdom"}
# ]

Return stream of maps created from a csv stream.

File.stream!('./tmp.csv') \
|> DataMorph.maps_from_csv() \
|> Enum.to_list
# [
#   %{iso_code: "nz", name: "New Zealand"},
#   %{iso_code: "gb", name: "United Kingdom"}
# ]

Return a stream of keyword lists created from a stream of csv.

(echo name,iso && echo New Zealand,NZ) | \
    mix run -e 'IO.stream(:stdio, :line) \
    |> DataMorph.keyword_lists_from_csv() \
    |> IO.inspect'
# [[name: "New Zealand", iso: "NZ"]]

Add new fields to struct when called twice with different fields in tsv.

"name\tiso\n" <>
"New Zealand\tnz\n" <>
"United Kingdom\tgb" \
|> DataMorph.structs_from_tsv(MyModule, "country") \
|> Enum.to_list
# [
#   %MyModule.Country{iso: "nz", name: "New Zealand"},
#   %MyModule.Country{iso: "gb", name: "United Kingdom"}
# ]

"name\tacronym\n" <>
"New Zealand\tNZ\n" <>
"United Kingdom\tUK" \
|> DataMorph.structs_from_tsv("MyModule", :country) \
|> Enum.to_list
# warning: redefining module MyModule.Country
#          (current version defined in memory)
# [
#   %MyModule.Country{acronym: "NZ", iso: nil, name: "New Zealand"},
#   %MyModule.Country{acronym: "UK", iso: nil, name: "United Kingdom"}
# ]

You can view full DataMorph API documentation on hexdocs.