Drab v0.7.2 Release Notes

  • 🆕 New Features

    use Drab.Controller is now optional

    0️⃣ When using default commander name, corresponding to the controller (like PageCommander -> PageController), there is no need to mark controller as Drab.Controller anymore.

    Shared Commanders should be declared in the page controller

    All shared commanders must be explicitly declared in the controller:

    use Drab.Controller, commanders: [My.Shared.Commander]

    ⚠ In this version, system generates warning message if commanders are not declared. This warning will become error in v0.8.0

    defhandler macro for creating event handlers in commanders

    Since this version, all event handlers, whenever they are in shared or "normal" commander, must be declared with public or defhandler macro. Use defhandler instead of the standard def.


    public :button_clicked
    def button_clicked(socket, sender), do: ...

    is an equivalent of:

    defhandler button_clicked(socket, sender), do: ...

    ⚠ In this version, system generates warning message if the function is not declared as handler. This warning will become error in v0.8.0

    Create Reusable Drab Components with Shared Commanders

    ⚡️ Accomplished this with the new Drab.Core.this_commander/1 function, returning the unique selector of the sourrounding commander tag, so you may easly reduce the region where your update works.

    ⚡️ Having the page as below, we want the button to update .spaceholder1 only within the range of drab-commander.

    <div drab-commander="DrabTestApp.Shared1Commander">
      <div class="spaceholder1">Nothing</div>
      <button drab-click="button_clicked">Shared 1</button>
    <div drab-commander="DrabTestApp.Shared1Commander">
      <div class="spaceholder1">Nothing</div>
      <button drab-click="button_clicked">Shared 2</button>

    🏗 Just like we can use Drab.Core.this/1 to select the exact sender of the event, we may have Drab.Core.this_commander/1, to build a selector which chooses the desired object:

    defhandler button_clicked(socket, sender) do
      set_prop socket, this_commander(sender) <> " .spaceholder1", innerText: "changed"

    🏗 Notice the space before “.spaceholder1”. this_commander/1 returns the string like [drab-id="f59d54e6-a924-4e72-90d1-5177efecac9b"], so you may build any selector based on it.