ex_doc v0.28.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-04-28 // 5 months ago
    • Enhancements

      • Add a toast when changing theme via keyboard
      • Automatically convert .livemd links to .html ones
      • Show programming language in HTML footer
    • Bug fixes

      • Properly escape %/2 special form
      • Improve ranking of exact-matching modules in search

Previous changes from v0.28.3

    • Enhacements

      • Include page titles in autocomplete suggestions
      • Allow theme to be set to "System" version
      • Remove "Specs" heading and render full typespecs
      • Support for source_url_pattern in config being a function
    • Bug fixes

      • Adjustments for blockquotes and admonition blocks in dark mode
      • Fix module sorting when a list of dirs is provided
      • Consider casing of letters when sorting items in the menu, summary, function list, etc