ex_doc v0.28.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-01-24 // 5 days ago
  • ExDoc v0.28.0 requires Elixir v1.11+.

    • Enhancements

      • Use custom scrollbar in the sidebar
      • Keep hamburger absolute to the opened sidebar
      • Support --open flag on mix docs
      • The copy button now only copies selectable content
    • Bug fixes

      • Make sure filename configuration in :extras is used across links
      • Ensure all extras pages have a title generated
      • Fix marging on 3rd level headers and beyond
      • Ensure a task that defines callbacks is still listed as a task

Previous changes from v0.27.3

    • Bug fixes
      • Make HexDocs search case insensitive
      • Improve sidebar open/close animation