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Programming language: Elixir
License: MIT License
Tags: Third Party APIs    
Latest version: v1.0.0

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Elixir library to interact with Sendgrid's V2 Web API

This is a WIP, YMMV

Upgrading from 0.4.0 to 1.0.0

The reason the version got bumped to 1.0.0 is because I replaced all traces of Dict with Map. A lot of the functions returned a Dict and this may break some folks code.

There are some other changes to dep versions which may be an issue in your application as well. If this is the case, stay with 0.X branch. I will try to keep 0.X up to date as best I can for these reasons. However, there will not be any new dev time for the 0.X series. Only bug fixes.


In order to install it via hex, add exgrid and ibrowse package into the deps list of your mix.exs.

  defp deps do
      {:exgrid, "~> 1.0"}

Quick Start

Send an email

  • ExGrid.Message.new requires a text and/or html body
{:ok, creds }   = ExGrid.credentials(%{api_key: "mysecretpassword", api_user: "[email protected]"})
{:ok, message } = ExGrid.Message.new([to: "[email protected]", subject: "hello world", from: "[email protected]", text: "this is a test message"])

{code, body}    = ExGrid.Mail.send(creds, message)

{200, %{"message" => "success"}}



Get your profile
{200, body } = ExGrid.Profile.get(creds)
IO.inspect body #=>
[%{"first_name", "John"}, {"username", "[email protected]"}, {"website_access", "true"}, {"phone", "123456789"}, {"state", "CO"}, {"last_name", "Doe"}, {"address2", ""}, {"city", "Denver"}, {"email", "[email protected]"}, {"website", "http://sendgrid.com"}, {"country", "US"}, {"active", "true"}, {"zip", "80020"}, {"address", "123 main st"}]
Set a profile attribute
{200, body} = ExGrid.Profile.set(creds, %{address: "456 Main st"})
IO.inspect body #=> %{"message", "success"}


Please see docs for all parameters

{200, body} = ExGrid.Bounces.get(creds)
# return the `created` time for each bounce
{200, body} = ExGrid.Bounces.get(creds, %{date: 1})
Remove bounces
{200, body} = ExGrid.Bounces.remove(creds, %{type: "soft"})
IO.inspect body #=> {"message", "success"}
{200, body} = ExGrid.Bounces.remove(creds, %{email: "[email protected]"})
IO.inspect body #=> {"message", "success"}
You can even get bounce counts
{200, body} = ExGrid.Bounces.count(creds)
IO.inspect body #=> {"count", "4"}


Please see docs for all parameters

{200, body} = ExGrid.Blocks.get(creds)
# return the `created` time for each block
{200, body} = ExGrid.Blocks.get(creds, %{date: 1})
Remove blocks
  • only parameter accepted is email
{200, body} = ExGrid.Blocks.remove(creds, %{email: "[email protected]"})
IO.inspect body #=> {"message", "success"}
You can even get block counts
{200, body} = ExGrid.Blocks.count(creds)
IO.inspect body #=> {"count", "4"}


Please see docs for all parameters

{200, body} = ExGrid.Statistics.get(creds)
IO.inspect body #=>
      "date": "2014-02-26",
      "delivered": 314,
      "unsubscribes": 1,
      "invalid_email": 5,
      "bounces": 9,
      "repeat_unsubscribes": 2,
      "unique_clicks": 65,
      "blocked": 3,
      "spam_drop": 5,
      "repeat_bounces": 8,
      "repeat_spamreports": 9,
      "requests": 350,
      "spamreports": 1,
      "clicks": 78,
      "opens": 80,
      "unique_opens": 70}

Number of days in the past to include statistics (Includes today)
{200, body} = ExGrid.Statistics.get(creds, %{days: 1})
List all categories
{200, body} = ExGrid.Statistics.categories(creds)
You can even get aggregate stats
{200, body} = ExGrid.Statistics.get(creds, %{aggregate: 1})


The tests are a unit style and do not go out and hit SendGrid.

mix test