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Funnel is for building Streaming APIs build upon ElasticSearch’s percolation.

Funnel supports ElasticSearch >= 1.1.

Funnel allow to register users / devices, associates some queries to user.

The common usecase is to store a query from a user and notify this user when a new document matching this query is available.

Check out this example for a complete http api using Funnel dsl.

Installing things

You can use Funnel in your projects with the following steps:

  1. Adding Funnel to your mix.exs dependencies:
  def deps do
      {:funnel, "~> 0.1"}
  1. List the :funnel as your application dependencies:
  def application do
    [applications: [:funnel]]
  1. Add this sample configuration to config/config.exs.
  use Mix.Config

  config :funnel,
    es_host: "http://localhost:9200",
    percolator_pool_size: 100,
    percolator_pool_max_overflow: 1000

Testing things

mix test

Doing things


Funnel has this notion of Funnel.Transport. Anything implementing the Funnel.Transport protocol can be a transport.

For the Plug, the protocol would looks like:

defmodule EventStreamMessage do
  @moduledoc ""
  This module serialize a given id and body to a ServerSent Events message.
  def to_message(id, data) do
    "id:#{id}\ndata: #{data}\n\n"

defimpl Funnel.Transport, for: Elixir.Plug.Conn do
  import Plug.Conn

  def write(conn, %{:id => id, :item => item}) do
    chunk conn, EventStreamMessage.to_message(id, item)


A user, or a device, can register to funnel by using the /register endpoint. This will return a token. This token must be used in all communications with the funnel's API.

The first argument is a transport, the second one is optionnal, and allow to write onto the transport the message seen since the last_id given.

{:ok, token} = Funnel.register(transport)
{:ok, "1a9dc09879374878bd7aab27c7be6bc7"}

{:ok, token} = Funnel.register(self, "422f779c759244d4aad45ac94c83b7da")
{:ok, "80cfd5a3e1324db8b076defec2ddc1b2"}

Creating Indexes

This example will create an empty index:

{:ok, status_code, body} = Funnel.Index.create
{:ok, 200, %{"body" => %{"acknowledged" => true}, "index_id" => "e4680d88db914ed4854acb8a1a8f317d"}}

This example will create an index with specific settings:

settings = '{"settings" : {"number_of_shards" : 1},"mappings" : {"type1" :{"_source" : { "enabled" : false },"properties" : {"field1" : { "type" :"string", "index" : "not_analyzed" }}}}}' |> IO.iodata_to_binary
{:ok, _status_code, body} = Funnel.Index.create(settings)
{:ok, 200, %{"body" => %{"acknowledged" => true},"index_id" => "3994bf6c03df412e8b1b05d4aca7a83c"}}

Deleting an index

{:ok, status_code, body} = Funnel.Index.destroy("3994bf6c03df412e8b1b05d4aca7a83c")
{:ok, 200, %{"acknowledged" => true}}

Creating a query

query = '{"query" : {"match" : {"message" : "funnel"}}}' |> IO.iodata_to_binary
{:ok, status_code, body} = Funnel.Query.create(index_id, token, query)
{:ok, 201, %{"body" => %{"_id" => "287eae87d5774f2a9d02f5a5dd66856d-0398f4e1a6a34ea4b7ede0c1b7f40f38", "_index" => "3994bf6c03df412e8b1b05d4aca7a83c_dev", "_type" => ".percolator", "_version" => 1, "created" => true}, "index_id" => "3994bf6c03df412e8b1b05d4aca7a83c", "query_id" => "0398f4e1a6a34ea4b7ede0c1b7f40f38"}}

Updating a query

{:ok, status_code, body} = Funnel.Query.update(index_id, token, query_id, query)
{:ok, 200, %{"body" => %{"_id" => "287eae87d5774f2a9d02f5a5dd66856d-0398f4e1a6a34ea4b7ede0c1b7f40f38", "_index" => "3994bf6c03df412e8b1b05d4aca7a83c_dev", "_type" => ".percolator", "_version" => 2, "created" => false}, "index_id" => "3994bf6c03df412e8b1b05d4aca7a83c", "query_id" => "0398f4e1a6a34ea4b7ede0c1b7f40f38"}}

Deleting a query

{:ok, status_code, body} = Funnel.Query.destroy(index_id, token, query_id)
{:ok, 200, %{"_id" => "287eae87d5774f2a9d02f5a5dd66856d-0398f4e1a6a34ea4b7ede0c1b7f40f38", "_index" => "3994bf6c03df412e8b1b05d4aca7a83c_dev", "_type" => ".percolator", "_version" => 3, "found" => true}}

Finding queries

{:ok, status_code, body} = Funnel.Query.find(token)
{:ok, 200, [%{"query_id" => "4f122313862e494b8810f073c27cf43d", "index_id" => "b79d2e9ff8c949e08ba98c4d8c216547", "score" => 1.0}]}

{:ok, status_code, body} = Funnel.Query.find(token, %{index_id: index_id})
{:ok, 200, [%{"query_id" => "4f122313862e494b8810f073c27cf43d", "index_id" => "b79d2e9ff8c949e08ba98c4d8c216547", "score" => 1.0}]}

Submitting a document to the percolator

message = '{"message" : "this new elasticsearch percolator feature is nice, borat style"}' |> IO.iodata_to_binary
Funnel.percolate(index_id, message)