instream v1.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-09-06 // almost 3 years ago
    • ✨ Enhancements

      • Documentation is now available inline (@moduledoc, ...) with the file targeting the repository (development) instead of releases
      • Hydrating query results into series structs now parses RFC3339 times into :nanosecond timestamps. If you are using OTP 21.0 or later you will get the full precision, earlier versions are truncated to the :microsecond precision supported by DateTime!
      • Read queries (everything except writes) are now executed directly in the calling process
      • Sending asynchronous queries is now limited to write queries
      • Writers can modify the worker state during init and terminate by implementing the callbacks init_worker/1 and terminate_worker/1
    • Backwards incompatible changes

      • All "administrative query modules" have been removed
      • Minimum required elixir version is now ~> 1.7
      • Support for accessing the system environment for configuration has been removed in favor of initializer functions/modules
      • Support for implementing use Instream.Writer has been removed in favor of @behaviour Instream.Writer
      • Support for plural time units (e.g. :seconds instead of :second) has been removed
      • The default JSON decoder has been switched from :poison to :jason
      • The query builder has been removed
    • 🐛 Bug fixes

      • :influxql has been moved from :included_applications to :applications to avoid potential problems with release tooling (#53)

Previous changes from v0.22.0

    • ✨ Enhancements
      • Errors from :hackney.body/1 are now passed to the caller instead of raising a MatchError
      • Unix socket usage has been documented