Kazan v0.11.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-03-26 // 11 months ago
  • 🆕 New Features

    • Kazan.Server now exposes from_env/1 and from_env!/0 functions for creating a Kazan.Server from application config. This should make it easier for users using GCP to continue to use application config.
    • ➕ Added some new configuration options that allow users to provide their own OpenAPI spec files. This should let users use kazan when they have k8s extensions installed.
    • 👍 Kazan.Server now supports username and password fields in config files.
    • 👍 HTTP Basic auth is now supported for authentication with k3s.

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    • 🛠 Fix a crash in Kazan.Watcher if one of the destination processes crashes.

Previous changes from v0.10.0

  • 💥 Breaking Changes

    • Watch operations now return a Watcher.Event rather than a k8s WatchEvent
    • Watcher.Event has atoms for the type instead of strings.
    • ➕ Added a new gone event type to watchers. Processes listening for events
      should restart a watcher with a new rv when receiving one of these.
    • Kazan.Request.create (which is used by most of the API request creation methods
      now returns {:error, term} rather than {:err, term}. This was a bug fix
      as the typespec stated that they returned {:error, term}.

    🆕 New Features

    • We now generate typespecs for all the generated functions &
      structs. This should allow dialyzer users to validate their code
      📚 and improves the documentation.

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where watchers would crash repeatedly if the underlying k8s
      watch rv became invalid somehow. (#45)