mint v0.3.0 Release Notes

  • 💥 Breaking changes

    • Remove Mint.HTTP1.get_socket/1, Mint.HTTP2.get_socket/1, and Mint.HTTP.get_socket/1.

    🐛 Bug fixes and improvements

    • Downcase all headers in HTTP/2 to mimic the behavior in HTTP/1.1.

    • Add Mint.HTTP.set_mode/2, Mint.HTTP1.set_mode/2, and Mint.HTTP2.set_mode/2 to change the mode of a socket between active and passive.

    • Add a :mode option to the connect/4 functions to start the socket in active or passive mode.

    • Add Mint.HTTP.recv/3, Mint.HTTP1.recv/3, and Mint.HTTP2.recv/3 to receive data from a passive socket in a blocking way.

    • Add Mint.HTTP.controlling_process/2, Mint.HTTP1.controlling_process/2, and Mint.HTTP2.controlling_process/2 to change the controlling process of a connection.

    • Support trailing response headers in HTTP/2 connections.