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Programming language: C
License: GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 or later
Tags: HTML    
Latest version: v1.0.4

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Build status ModestEx version Hex.pm

humble by Eliricon from the Noun Project


A library to do pipeable transformations on html strings with CSS selectors, e.g. find(), prepend(), append(), replace() etc.

Elixir/Erlang bindings for lexborisov's Modest

Modest is a fast HTML renderer implemented as a pure C99 library with no outside dependencies.

  • Modest
    • HTML5 parsing library in pure C99
    • fully conformant with the HTML5 spec

All Modest-related features are implemented in C using my wrapper library modest_html.

The binding is implemented as a C-Node following the excellent example in Overbryd's package nodex. If you want to learn how to set up bindings to C/C++, you should definitely check it out.

  • nodex
    • distributed Elixir
    • save binding with C-Nodes

C-Nodes are external os-processes that communicate with the Erlang VM through erlang messaging. That way you can implement native code and call into it from Elixir in a safe predictable way. The Erlang VM stays unaffected by crashes of the external process.

For news and updates please check out the forum discussion.


Total 16 features implemented. See complete feature list.

Build transformation pipelines...

test "build up a complete DOM" do
  result = ""
  |> ModestEx.serialize()
  |> ModestEx.append("body", "<div>")
  |> ModestEx.set_attribute("div", "class", "col-md-12")
  |> ModestEx.append("div", "<div>")
  |> ModestEx.set_attribute("div.col-md-12 div", "class", "col-md-6")
  |> ModestEx.append("div.col-md-12 div", "<a></a>")
  |> ModestEx.set_text("a", "Hello")

  copy = ModestEx.find(result, "div.col-md-12 div")
  |> ModestEx.set_text("a", "World")

  result = ModestEx.insert_after(result, "div.col-md-12 div", copy)
  |> ModestEx.set_attribute("div.col-md-6:first-of-type a", "href", "https://elixir-lang.org")
  |> ModestEx.set_attribute("div.col-md-6:last-of-type a", "href", "https://google.de")

  assert result == "<div class=\"col-md-12\"><div class=\"col-md-6\"><a href=\"https://elixir-lang.org\">Hello</a></div><div class=\"col-md-6\"><a href=\"https://google.de\">World</a></div></div>"

Supported CSS Selectors

All common CSS Selectors are supported. Total 38 selector patterns implemented. See complete list of supported CSS selectors.


Available on hex.

def deps do
    {:modest_ex, "~> 1.0.4"}

Target dependencies

cmake 3.x

Compile and test

mix deps.get
mix compile
mix test


git clone [email protected]:f34nk/modest_ex.git
cd modest_ex

All binding targets are added as submodules in the target/ folder.

git submodule update --init --recursive --remote
mix deps.get
mix compile
mix test
mix test.target


mix clean



  • [ ] Bindings
    • [x] Call as C-Node
    • [ ] Call as dirty-nif
  • [ ] Tests
    • [x] Call as C-Node
    • [ ] Call as dirty-nif
    • [x] Target tests
    • [x] Feature tests
    • [x] Package test
  • [ ] Features
    • [x] Find nodes using a CSS selector
    • [x] Serialize any string with valid or broken html
    • [x] Get attribute with optional CSS selector
    • [x] Set attribute with optional CSS selector
    • [x] Get text with optional CSS selector
    • [x] Set text with optional CSS selector
    • [x] Remove a node from html
    • [x] Append node to another node
    • [x] Prepend node to another node
    • [x] Insert node before another node
    • [x] Insert node after another node
    • [x] Replace node with another node
    • [x] Slice html to a subset of nodes
    • [x] Get position of node in relation to its parent
    • [x] Wrap node with another node
    • [x] Pretty print html
    • [ ] Compare two html strings (see here)
    • [ ] Transform html string by list of actions
  • [x] Custom CSS selector for pseudo class :contains(text) implemented in Modest
  • [x] Scope flag to control serialization
  • [x] List of supported CSS Selectors
  • [x] Documentation
  • [x] Publish as hex package


ModestEx is under LGPL license. Check the LICENSE file for more details.

Icon Credit

humble by Eliricon from the Noun Project

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the modest_ex README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.