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Instrumenting / Monitoring packages

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  • prometheus

    8.5 5.0 Erlang monitoring system and time series database client in Erlang.
  • prometheus.ex

    8.3 4.4 Elixir
    Elixir-friendly monitoring system and time series database client.
  • appsignal-elixir

    7.9 8.5 Elixir
    Collects error and performance data from your Elixir applications and sends it to AppSignal.
  • newrelic.ex

    6.5 0.3 Elixir
    Collects metrics from your Elixir/Phoenix application and sends them to NewRelic.
  • prometheus-ecto

    6.1 5.5 Elixir
    Ecto instrumenter for prometheus.ex.
  • Alchemetrics

    5.9 0.3 Elixir
    Elixir metrics reporter and collector
  • prometheus-plugs

    5.5 0.3 Elixir
    Plugs instrumenters/exporter for prometheus.ex.
  • prometheus-phoenix

    5.4 3.3 Elixir
    Phoenix instrumenter for prometheus.ex.
  • prometheus_process_collector

    4.2 3.1 Erlang
    Prometheus collector which exports the current state of process metrics including cpu, memory, file descriptor usage and native threads count as well as the process start and up times.