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  • porcelain

    9.4 0.0 Elixir
    Porcelain implements a saner approach to launching and communicating with external OS processes from Elixir.
  • AtomVM

    9.4 8.5 C
    AtomVM allows to run Elixir/Erlang code on embedded devices such as ESP32 and STM32 microcontrollers.
  • react_phoenix

    8.8 2.7 Elixir
    Make rendering React.js components in Phoenix views easy
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  • hammer

    8.5 0.0 Elixir
    A rate-limiter with pluggable storage backends, including Redis.
  • ex_rated

    8.4 5.2 Elixir
    Simple and flexible rate-limiting for API's or anything.
  • Apex

    8.1 0.0 Elixir
    Awesome Print for Elixir.
  • ex_phone_number

    7.6 3.9 Elixir
    Format, normalize, and validate phone numbers.
  • Countries

    7.6 3.0 Elixir
    Countries is a collection of all sorts of useful information for every country in the ISO 3166 standard.
  • ex2ms

    7.3 1.7 Elixir
    Translates Elixir functions to match specifications for use with ets.
  • codec-beam

    7.2 0.0 Haskell
    Generate Erlang VM byte code from Haskell.
  • spotify_ex

    7.1 3.8 Elixir
    An Elixir wrapper for the Spotify Web API.
  • ecto_autoslug_field

    7.0 5.6 Elixir
    Automatically creates slugs for your Ecto models.
  • exsync

    7.0 4.8 Elixir
    Yet another Elixir reloader.
  • phone

    6.8 5.1 Elixir
    A parser to get useful info from telephone numbers.
  • funnel

    6.6 0.0 Elixir
    Streaming Elixir API built upon ElasticSearch's percolation.
  • html_entities

    6.4 2.8 Elixir
    Elixir module for decoding HTML entities in a string.
  • Skogsrå

    6.2 5.6 Elixir
    Library to manage OS environment variables and application configuration options with ease
  • exquisite

    6.1 0.9 Elixir
    LINQ-like match_spec generation for Elixir.
  • elixir-browser

    6.0 1.5 Elixir
    Browser detection for Elixir.
  • exldap

    6.0 0.0 Elixir
    A module for working with LDAP from Elixir.
  • huex

    5.9 0.0 Elixir
    Elixir client for Philips Hue connected light bulbs.
  • std_json_io

    5.9 0.0 Elixir
    Application for managing and communicating with IO servers via JSON.
  • pact

    5.8 0.0 Elixir
    Better dependency injection in Elixir for cleaner code and testing.
  • molasses

    5.5 0.0 Elixir
    A feature toggle library using redis or SQL (using Ecto) as a backing service.
  • bupe

    5.2 3.9 Elixir
    EPUB Generator and Parser.
  • reprise

    5.1 0.6 Elixir
    Simplified module reloader for Elixir.
  • gen_task

    5.0 0.0 Elixir
    Generic Task behavior that helps to encapsulate worker errors and recover from them in classic GenStage's.
  • exprint

    4.9 0.0 Elixir
    A printf / sprintf library for Elixir, works as a wrapper for :io.format.
  • Flasked

    4.7 0.0 Elixir
    Injecting ENV vars into application configuration at runtime (12factor app for Elixir)
  • countriex

    4.4 0.0 Elixir
    A pure elixir country data provider containing various information for every country in ISO 3166.