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  • v1.8.1 Changes

    June 01, 2019

    โœจ Enhancements

    • [Plug.CSRFProtection] Allow state to be dumped from the session and provide an API to validate both state and tokens
    • [Plug.Session.Store] Add get/1 to retrieve the store from a module/atom
    • [Plug.Static] Support Nginx range requests
    • [Plug.Telemetry] Allow extra options in Plug.Telemetry metadata
  • v1.8.0 Changes

    March 31, 2019

    โœจ Enhancements

    • [Plug.Conn] Add get_session/1 for retrieving the whole session
    • [Plug.CSRFProtection] Add Plug.CSRFPRotection.load_state/2 and Plug.CSRFPRotection.dump_state/0 to allow tokens to be generated in other processes
    • [Plug.Parsers] Allow unnamed parts in multipart parser via :include_unnamed_parts_at
    • [Plug.Router] Wrap router dispatch in a connection checkpoint to avoid losing information attached to the connection in error cases
    • [Plug.Telemetry] Add Plug.Telemetry to facilitate with telemetry integration

    ๐Ÿ› Bug fixes

    • [Plug.Conn.Status] Use IANA registered status code for HTTP 425
    • [Plug.RequestID] Reduce RequestID size by relying on base64 encoding
    • [Plug.Static] Ensure etags are quoted correctly
    • [Plug.Static] Ensure vary header is set in 304 response
    • [Plug.Static] Omit content-encoding header in 304 responses
  • v1.7.2 Changes

    February 09, 2019
    • [Plug.Parser.MULTIPART] Support UTF-8 filename encoding in multipart parser
    • [Plug.Router] Add builder_opts support to :dispatch plug
    • [Plug.SSL] Do not disable client renegotiation
    • [Plug.Upload] Raise when we can't write to disk during upload
  • v1.7.1 Changes

    October 24, 2018
    • [Plug.Adapters.Cowboy] Less verbose output when plug_cowboy is missing
    • [Plug.Adapters.Cowboy2] Less verbose output when plug_cowboy is missing
  • v1.7.0 Changes

    October 20, 2018

    โœจ Enhancements

    • [Plug] Require Elixir v1.4+
    • [Plug.Session] Support MFAs for cookie session secrets
    • [Plug.Test] Add put_peer_data
    • [Plug.Adapters.Cowboy] Extract into [plug_cowboy][plug_cowboy]
    • [Plug.Adapters.Cowboy2] Extract into [plug_cowboy][plug_cowboy]

    ๐Ÿ› Bug fixes

    • [Plug.SSL] Don't redirect excluded hosts on Plug.SSL

    ๐Ÿ’ฅ Breaking Changes

    • [Plug] Applications may need to add :plug_cowboy to your deps to use this version
  • v1.6.4

    October 04, 2018