scenic v0.10.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-03-26 // about 1 year ago
  • v0.10.0 of Scenic.

    • Integration of font metrics
      • Buttons, checkboxes, radios, etc can be auto-sized to fix their text
      • FontMetrics can be used to measure strings, trim to fit, and more
    • Much improved error handling when a scene crashes during its init phase. Instead of quickly
      restarting the scene over and over, it now goes to an error scene that displays debug info.
      💻 Also displays that info in the command line.
    • ↔ Integrated spec-based graphs from @pragdave. This is a cleaner looking way to build graphs.
      👀 See the changes in primitives.ex
    • PR to fix delete the children of a group when the group itself is deleted. Thanks to
      Chris Boebel. @cboebel
    • 👌 Improve building the C products. PR #126 - @fhunleth
    • ➕ Added a :parser option to to allow custom interpreters
    • ➕ Added a ViewPort.reset() function (used by the error scene), which can be used to send
      a ViewPort back to the original scene it was started with.
    • 👍 Dynamic Textures in the form of raw pixel maps are now supported. This should allow you
      to capture raw images off of a camera and display them without encoding/decoding
    • leading spaces in a text primitive are now rendered
    • ⚡️ Scene callbacks are all updated to support the OTP 21+ callback returns.
    • Scenes now have the terminate callback.

    🗄 Deprecations

    🗄 push_graph/1 is deprecated in favor of returning {:push, graph}
    (keyword) options
    🗄 from the Scenic.Scene callbacks. Since this is only a deprecation push_graph/1 will
    ⚠ continue to work, but will log a warning when used.

    🚀 push_graph/1 will be removed in a future release.

    • This allows us to utilize the full suite of OTP GenServer callback behaviors (such as
      ⏱ timeout and handle_continue)
    • Replacing the call of push_graph(graph) within a callback function depends slightly
      on the context in which it is used.
    • in init/2:
      • {:ok, state, [push: graph]}
    • in filter_event/3:
      • {:halt, state, [push: graph]}
      • {:cont, event, state, [push: graph]}
    • in handle_cast/2:
      • {:noreply, state, [push: graph]}
    • in handle_info/2:
      • {:noreply, state, [push: graph]}
    • in handle_call/3:
      • {:reply, reply, state, [push: graph]}
      • {:noreply, state, [push: graph]}
    • in handle_continue/3:
      • {:noreply, state, [push: graph]}

    💥 Breaking Changes

    🚚 Scenic.Cache has been removed. It has been replaced by asset specific caches.

    Asset Class Module
    Fonts Scenic.Cache.Static.Font
    Font Metrics Scenic.Cache.Static.FontMetrics
    Textures (images in a fill) Scenic.Cache.Static.Texture
    Raw Pixel Maps Scenic.Cache.Dynamic.Texture

    🚚 Some of the Cache support modules have moved

    Old Module New Module
    👍 Scenic.Cache.Hash
    👍 Scenic.Cache.File
    👍 Scenic.Cache.Supervisor