sentinel v1.0.0 Release Notes

  • Sentinel.AuthHandler returns 401 instead of 403 - because I forgot how to HTTP when writing this library initially

    ⚡️ Updates a number of API endpoints to return different HTTP status codes, more RESTFUL interface.

    Lots of general codebase cleanup, thanks in part to @Draiken, and due to the fact that I'm becoming more comfortable with Elixir

    Email handling is no longer case sensitive. Don't know how this bug got past me, but now username is case sensitive, email is not. Added specs to prevent regression

    👉 User rendering is now handled using a user view, rather than pure json, to allow easy overriding

    ⚡️ Updates to Ecto 2

    Swapped out email system from mailer to ThoughtBot's Bamboo, because I trust their team, and because I don't have to use a fork in order to get a working ✅ testing utility

    HTML Views added