table_rex v0.7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-01-09 // over 6 years ago
  • 💥 Breaking changes

    0️⃣ The default alignment for columns is now :left rather than :center.

    This could be a breaking change for your project as if you had not explicitly set columns to be of a certain alignment then your tables will now be output with columns aligned to the left rather than centered as before. This change was made as it's much more likely that a LTR language user is going to want 👍 left aligned columns, especially with the multiline cell support which will land soon.

    If you wish to remain using center-aligned columns then you can manipulate your table struct by calling:

    Table.set_column_meta(table, :all, align: :center)

    Other changes:

    Table.set_column_meta and Table.set_header_meta now can also take their column index(es) argument as an enumerable. Previously set_header_meta could not do this and set_column_meta could only be provided a range.

    Example usage:

    Table.set_column_meta(table, 0, align: :right) # aligns column 0 to the right.
    Table.set_column_meta(table, 0..4, align: :right) # aligns column 0 through 4 to the right.
    Table.set_column_meta(table, [0, 3, 5], align: :right) # aligns column 0, 3 & 5 to the right.
    Table.set_column_meta(table, :all, align: :right) # aligns all current and future columns to the right.
    Table.set_header_meta(table, 0, align: :right) # aligns header cell 0 to the right.
    Table.set_header_meta(table, 0..4, align: :right) # aligns header cells 0 through 4 to the right.
    Table.set_header_meta(table, [0, 3, 5], align: :right) # aligns header cells 0, 3 & 5 to the right.