On May 24, we all celebrated the 10th anniversary of Elixir!

It was on this occasion that we asked our Elixir developers about how they started their adventure with Elixir language, how long it took to learn Elixir to feel confident in this language, what advice that they would give to developers who want to learn the Language, and what sources they use for learning Elixir and everyday work.

If you're curious about how #CuriousPeople do it, check out this blog post!
6th Elixir Meetup hosted by Curiosum

We discussed 2 presentations of our Elixir experts:

* Gustavo Oliveira: TDD with Liveview simpler than you imagine!
Elixir Meetup #6 on June 8, 2022 at 18 CET

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If neural networks are becoming so popular it would be good to create them in an easy way and the Axon library which is built on top of Nx allow to do that in Elixir.
Regardless of whether you've only just heard of the Elixir programming language and would like to learn it, or if you're a seasoned developer with years of experience, you need adequate learning resources to ensure steady progress in your career - and just equally as important is the need to be up to date with what's new & trending in the functional.