wallaby v0.23.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-14 // 8 months ago
  • 👌 Improvements

    • ➕ Add ability to configure the path to the ChromeDriver executable
    • 👍 Enable screenshot support for Selenium driver
    • Enable accept_alert/2, dismiss_alert/2, accept_confirm/2, dismiss_confirm/2, accept_prompt/2, dismiss_prompt/2 for Selenium driver
    • ➕ Add :log option to take_screenshot, this is set to true when taking screenshots on failure
    • 💻 Introduce window/tab switching support: Browser.window_handle/1, Browser.window_handles/1, Browser.focus_window/2 and Browser.close_window/1
    • 🚚 Introduce window placement support: Browser.window_position/1, Browser.move_window/3 and Browser.maximize_window/1
    • 💻 Introduce frame switching support: Browser.focus_frame/2, Browser.focus_parent_frame/1, Browser.focus_default_frame/1
    • Introduce async script support: Browser.execute_script_async/2, Browser.execute_script_async/3, and Browser.execute_script_async/4
    • Introduce mouse events support: Browser.hover/2, Browser.move_mouse_by/3, Browser.double_click/1, Browser.button_down/2, Browser.button_up/2, and a version of Browser.click/2 that clicks in current mouse position.

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • ✅ LogStore now wraps logs in a list before attempting to pass them to List functions. This was causing Wallaby to crash and would mask actual test errors.

Previous changes from v0.22.0

  • 👌 Improvements

    • ➕ Add Query.data to find by data attributes
    • ➕ Add selected conditions to query
    • ➕ Add functions for query options
    • ➕ Add visible: any option to query
    • 🖐 Handle Safari and Edge stale reference errors

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • 👍 allow newlines in chrome logs
    • 👍 Allow other versions of chromedriver
    • ⏱ Increase the session store genserver timeout