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Capture bugs and send them to Raygun.
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

Src 5 belgesi

Tehlikeli Madde ihtiva eden yükleri taşıyan kara taşıtlarının şoförleri src 5 belgesi eğitimi almakla mükelleftirler.
Article Added by: udybelgesicom // www.udybelgesi.com

Üst Düzey Yönetici

Üst Düzey Yönetici Belgesi Nasıl Alınır? Üdy belgesi almak için gerekli şartlar. Bu yönetici kursuna katılmak için öncelikle en az lise mezunu olmanız gerekmektedir.
Article Added by: udybelgesicom // www.udybelgesi.com



Expose app metrics in the StatsD protocol.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 210

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  • Scaling Up With Elixir
  • Emacs setup for Elixir
  • Started a video series to building an open source project using Elixir + Phoenix
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plasm v2.0.0

A new version of plasm has been released
New Version

Last 7 Days


Arbitrary precision decimal arithmetic for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Text and Numbers

Scaling Up With Elixir

Article Popular Story // dockyard.com

fast_xml v1.1.41

A new version of fast_xml has been released
New Version


Twilio API client for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

The Repository Pattern, Ecto, and Database-less Testing

Ever wanted to learn more about Ecto, it's internals and how to leverage the repository pattern more effectively in your application? Check out my latest post!
Tutorial Added by: akoutmos // akoutmos.com


Elixir implementation for Protocol Buffers.
Featured Package // Category Protocols

dbus vs kafka_consumer

Popular comparison
  • dbus - A dumb message bus for sharing data between microservices decoupled using Redis.
  • kafka_consumer - Consumer for Kafka using kafka_ex.

phoenix vs sugar

Popular comparison
  • phoenix - Elixir Web Framework targeting full-featured, fault tolerant applications with realtime functionality.
  • sugar - Modular web framework for Elixir.


Plug support for Absinthe.
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

Paseto vs oauth2

Popular comparison
  • Paseto - An Elixir implementation of Paseto (Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens)
  • oauth2 - An OAuth 2.0 client library for Elixir.

linguist v0.3.1

A new version of linguist has been released
New Version

Correios CEP

Find Brazilian addresses by zip code, directly from Correios database. No HTML parsers.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

pdf2htmlex vs pdf_generator

Popular comparison
  • pdf2htmlex - Convert PDF docs to beautiful HTML files without losing text or format.
  • pdf_generator - A simple wrapper for wkhtmltopdf (HTML to PDF) for use in Elixir projects.

Last 30 Days

Emacs setup for Elixir

Article Popular Story // www.badykov.com


Elixir JSON-RPC client for the Ethereum blockchain.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

tesla vs httpoison

Popular comparison
  • tesla - HTTP client library, with support for middleware and multiple adapters.
  • httpoison - Yet Another HTTP client for Elixir powered by hackney.


An RFC2822 implementation in Elixir, built for composability.
Featured Package // Category Email

canary vs bodyguard

Popular comparison
  • canary - An authorization library for Elixir applications that restricts what resources the current user is allowed to access.
  • bodyguard - A flexibile authorization libarary for Phoenix applications.

toniq vs exq

Popular comparison
  • toniq - Simple and reliable background job library for Elixir.
  • exq - Job processing library for Elixir

oban vs exq

Popular comparison
  • oban - Robust asynchronous job processor powered by Elixir and modern PostgreSQL.
  • exq - Job processing library for Elixir

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 209

Top Stories
  • Authorization in Phoenix web applications using Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Fifth part of my Full Stack Elixir tutorial.
  • [Podcast] How Mux uses Elixir, Phoenix and Go to power their video API platform that handles billions of video views a month
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