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An implementation of RDF for Elixir
Featured Package // Category Frameworks



Simple Background Job Processing with Mnesia.
Featured Package // Category Queue

rebar3_run vs reltool_util

Popular comparison
  • rebar3_run - Run a release with one simple command.
  • reltool_util - Erlang reltool utility functionality application.

Last 7 Days


An Elixir mix task that list the license(s) of all installed packages in your project.
Featured Package // Category Package Management

phoenix vs sugar

Popular comparison
  • phoenix - Elixir Web Framework targeting full-featured, fault tolerant applications with realtime functionality.
  • sugar - Modular web framework for Elixir.


Authentication library for Phoenix, and other Plug-based, web applications
Featured Package // Category Authentication

jsone vs JsonStreamEncoder

Popular comparison
  • jsone - Erlang JSON library
  • JsonStreamEncoder - Streaming encoder for JSON in elixir.

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 138

Top Stories
  • Cool CLIs in Elixir with IO.write/2
  • Using configuration to swap modules for mocks in your Elixir tests.
  • [JOB] (real link this time :D sorry!) Elixir Developer Role in Stockholm - CAN SPONSOR + pay relocation
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Elixir wrapper for gen_statem.
Featured Package // Category State Machines

wallaby vs hound

Popular comparison
  • wallaby - Wallaby helps test your web applications by simulating user interactions concurrently and manages browsers.
  • hound - Elixir library for writing integration tests and browser automation.


Error logging to Honeybadger.
Featured Package // Category Logging

Cool CLIs in Elixir with IO.write/2

Article Popular Story // dennisbeatty.com

csv vs nimble_csv

Popular comparison
  • csv - CSV Decoding and Encoding for Elixir.
  • nimble_csv - A simple and fast CSV parsing and dumping library for Elixir.


Cloak makes it easy to use encryption with Ecto.
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

Last 30 Days


Structured logging platform; turns raw text logs into rich structured events.
Featured Package // Category Logging

Elixir v1.8 released

Update Popular Story // elixir-lang.org


FakeServer integrates with ExUnit to make external APIs testing simpler
Featured Package // Category Testing


Hex.pm plugin for rebar3.
Featured Package // Category Package Management

dialyxir vs credo

Popular comparison
  • dialyxir - Mix tasks to simplify use of Dialyzer in Elixir projects.
  • credo - A static code analysis tool with a focus on code consistency and teaching Elixir.


Simple Elixir wrapper for the Erlang RabbitMQ client, based on Langohr.
Featured Package // Category Queue

kitto vs phoenix

Popular comparison
  • kitto - A framework for interactive dashboards.
  • phoenix - Elixir Web Framework targeting full-featured, fault tolerant applications with realtime functionality.

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 137

Top Stories
  • Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix — A Book Review
  • Processing Large CSV files with Elixir Streams
  • Caching In Ecto v3.0
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A real-time application for conducting Agile retrospectives at remoteretro.org written in Elixir/Phoenix/React.
Featured Package // Category Applications

Processing Large CSV files with Elixir Streams

Article Popular Story // www.poeticoding.com

omise vs stripe

Popular comparison
  • omise - Omise client library for Elixir.
  • stripe - An Elixir Library wrapping Stripe's API.

con_cache vs cachex

Popular comparison
  • con_cache - ConCache is an ETS based key/value storage.
  • cachex - A powerful caching library for Elixir with a wide featureset.


A pure webserver interface for Elixir
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

guardian vs coherence

Popular comparison
  • guardian - An authentication framework for use with Elixir applications.
  • coherence - Coherence is a full featured, configurable authentication system for Phoenix.