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Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 142

Top Stories
  • Elixir | Why Linked Lists
  • Download Large Files with HTTPoison Async Requests
  • How to use Elixir's GenServer.handle_continue/2 callback
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SAML SP SSO made easy (Doc).
Featured Package // Category Authentication

swoosh vs bamboo

Popular comparison
  • swoosh - Compose, deliver and test your Emails easily in Elixir with adapters for SMTP, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark and Phoenix integration with mailbox preview.
  • bamboo - Composable, testable and adapter based email library. Out of the box support for rendering with Phoenix and a plug for previewing sent emails in dev.



Erlang Business Documents Generator.
Featured Package // Category Formulars

Download Large Files with HTTPoison Async Requests

Article Popular Story // www.poeticoding.com

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Collects error and performance data from your Elixir applications and sends it to AppSignal.
Featured Package // Category Instrumenting / Monitoring

Elixir | Why Linked Lists

Article Popular Story // dev.to

ex_admin vs sentinel

Popular comparison
  • ex_admin - ExAdmin is an auto administration package for Elixir and the Phoenix Framework.
  • sentinel - An authentication framework for Phoenix extending guardian with routing and other basic functionality.

Many to many relationships with Ecto

How to handle many to many relationships with Ecto in Elixir.
Article Added by: biklas7 // medium.com


A simple and functional machine learning library written in elixir
Featured Package // Category Statistics


Flow based programming for elixir
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs


MaxMind GeoIP2 database reader/decoder.
Featured Package // Category Geolocation


CloudI is for back-end server processing tasks that require soft-realtime transaction.
Featured Package // Category Cloud Infrastructure and Management

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Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 141

Top Stories
  • Pearls of Elixir - Interesting patterns from popular Elixir packages
  • Benchmarking Go vs Node vs Elixir
  • How We Learned Elixir—Our Story and Tutorial for Beginners
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A feature toggle library using Redis for persistance, ETS for local caching and Redis PubSub for inter-node cache busting. Optimized for speed and low Redis usage.
Featured Package // Category Feature Flags and Toggles


Simple Elixir macros for linear retry, exponential backoff and wait with composable delays.
Featured Package // Category Utilities

Connecting Elixir Nodes with libcluster, locally and on Kubernetes

Article Popular Story // www.poeticoding.com

dbus vs amqp

Popular comparison
  • dbus - A dumb message bus for sharing data between microservices decoupled using Redis.
  • amqp - Simple Elixir wrapper for the Erlang RabbitMQ client, based on Langohr.

Benchmarking Go vs Node vs Elixir

Article Popular Story // stressgrid.com


Recompilation and Reloading on FileSystem changes.
Featured Package // Category Build Tools

con_cache vs cachex

Popular comparison
  • con_cache - ConCache is an ETS based key/value storage.
  • cachex - A powerful caching library for Elixir with a wide featureset.

sweet_xml vs erlsom

Popular comparison
  • sweet_xml - Query XML simply and effectively.
  • erlsom - Erlsom is an Erlang library to parse (and generate) XML documents.

dialyxir vs credo

Popular comparison
  • dialyxir - Mix tasks to simplify use of Dialyzer in Elixir projects.
  • credo - A static code analysis tool with a focus on code consistency and teaching Elixir.

omise vs stripe

Popular comparison
  • omise - Omise client library for Elixir.
  • stripe - An Elixir Library wrapping Stripe's API.


Elixir JSON-RPC client for the Ethereum blockchain.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

How We Learned Elixir—Our Story and Tutorial for Beginners

Article Popular Story // www.monterail.com


Easily parsable, one-line logging for Phoenix and Plug applications, inspired by Lograge.
Featured Package // Category Logging

Setting up CI in Elixir with CircleCI

Article Popular Story // youtu.be

guardian vs coherence

Popular comparison
  • guardian - An authentication framework for use with Elixir applications.
  • coherence - Coherence is a full featured, configurable authentication system for Phoenix.

erlsom vs exmerl

Popular comparison
  • erlsom - Erlsom is an Erlang library to parse (and generate) XML documents.
  • exmerl - Elixir wrapper for xmerl.