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Paraxial.io is bot detection and prevention for Elixir/Phoenix applications. Dealing with scrapers, card cracking, or credential stuffing? We take care of that.


Erlang JSON library
Featured Package // Category JSON


TIL: Cancel the scheduled send_after message

Sending a message to yourself as a process is an easy way to schedule an action to retry. However, it is not always necessary to send this message. Find out how easy it is to cancel a scheduled message.
Article Added by: bartoszgorka // bartoszgorka.com

[Podcast] ThinkingElixir 99: Slipstream and Tree-Sitter with Michael Davis

Article Popular Story // podcast.thinkingelixir.com


In-memory and distributed caching toolkit for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Caching

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👤Minimalist Google OAuth Authentication for Elixir Apps. Tested, Documented & Maintained. Setup in 5 mins. 🚀
Featured Package // Category Authentication

Conditionals in Ecto Queries

Article Popular Story // weakty.com

Elixir: Consumindo dados de uma API externa

Article Popular Story // dev.to

Code Golf now supports Elixir!

Article Popular Story // code.golf


🔥 NITRO: Nitrogen Web Framework
Featured Package // Category Frameworks


Query XML simply and effectively.
Featured Package // Category XML

Reduzindo a complexidade ciclomática em Elixir

Article Popular Story // dev.to


Microsoft Strategy for Überauth
Featured Package // Category Authentication

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Queue data structure for Elixir-lang
Featured Package // Category Algorithms and Data structures

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ExRated, the Elixir OTP GenServer with the naughty name that allows you to rate-limit calls to any service that requires it.
Featured Package // Category Miscellaneous

A Guide to Event-Driven Architecture in Elixir

Article Popular Story // blog.appsignal.com

CSP vs Actor model for concurrency

Article Popular Story // dev.to

Classifying Data Center IP Addresses in Phoenix Web Applications with Radix Trees

This blog post details:

1. How to retrieve lists of data center IP prefixes when a Phoenix application starts.
2. Using a radix tree to store IP prefixes for fast lookup.
3. Why Erlang’s persistent_term module is the best choice for this problem.
Tutorial Added by: realcorvus // paraxial.io


From Idea to Execution - Manage your trading operation across a distributed cluster
Featured Package


Utilities for working with jsonc, a superset of json
Featured Package // Category JSON

Petal Components

Phoenix + Live View HEEX Components
Package Added by mplatts into category Phoenix

How I hacked a bunch of crypto wallets with Elixir

Article Popular Story // www.badykov.com


Elixir JSON-RPC client for the Ethereum blockchain
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs


🪝 Add git hooks to Elixir projects
Featured Package // Category Debugging