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commanded v1.0.0-rc.0

A new version of commanded has been released
New Version


Elixir library for reading Java properties files from various sources.
Featured Package // Category Utilities



A validation library for GTIN codes under GS1 specification.
Featured Package // Category Validations

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The Redis PubSub adapter for the Phoenix framework.
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

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  • Hello World in Elixir
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An Interview with Jose Valim, Creator of Elixir

Article Popular Story // www.welcometothejungle.co


Hex.pm plugin for rebar3.
Featured Package // Category Package Management

n2o vs Phoenix Battleship

Popular comparison
  • n2o - WebSocket Application Server.
  • Phoenix Battleship - The Good Old game built with Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux.

Building a Slackbot using Elixir

Article Popular Story // hi.monterail.co

Spectranet Data in Nigeria

Spectranet was the first Internet Service Provider to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria and aims to be a leader in the Internet Services space
Article Added by: preshos // afrolet.com

Ankara Styles Gown Online

Basically Ankara is a special dress for the Yoruba people, there is this believe that weekend is for occasions and Ankara dress is highly recognise to be used, it is popularly called owanbe....
Article Added by: preshos // afrolet.com


A parser to get useful info from telephone numbers.
Featured Package // Category Miscellaneous

Top 10 companies using Elixir

Article Popular Story // selleo.com

Sobelow v0.9.1

A new version of Sobelow has been released
New Version

How database transactions work in Ecto and why Elixir makes it awesome?

Learn how the functional nature of Elixir helps manage transactional pipelines using Ecto.
Article Added by: szsoppa // curiosum.dev

Markdown vs discount

Popular comparison
  • Markdown - Implemented entirely as a NIF binding to the Hoedown library.
  • discount - Elixir NIF for discount, a Markdown parser.


Elixir crypto library to encrypt/decrypt arbitrary binaries.
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

hound vs wallaby

Popular comparison
  • hound - Elixir library for writing integration tests and browser automation.
  • wallaby - Wallaby helps test your web applications by simulating user interactions concurrently and manages browsers.

Elixir v1.9.2 released

Update Popular Story // github.com

String Length in Elixir

Article Popular Story // programmingzen.com


A simple username/password strategy for Überauth.
Featured Package // Category Authentication

Last 30 Days


A IBAN account number and BIC validation library for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Validations

guardian vs Pow

Popular comparison
  • guardian - An authentication framework for use with Elixir applications.
  • Pow - Pow is a robust, modular, and extendable authentication and user management solution for Phoenix and Plug-based apps.


In-memory, distrbutable cache with pub/sub, JSON-query and consistency support.
Featured Package // Category Caching

timex vs calendar

Popular comparison
  • timex - Easy to use Date and Time modules for Elixir.
  • calendar - Calendar is a date and time library for Elixir.

ecto vs amnesia

Popular comparison
  • ecto - A database wrapper and language integrated query for Elixir.
  • amnesia - Mnesia wrapper for Elixir.

Hello World in Elixir

Article Popular Story // programmingzen.com


A form library for Phoenix
Package Added by matthewlehner into category Forms


Feature complete Stripe API wrapper.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs