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In-memory, distrbutable cache with pub/sub, JSON-query and consistency support.
Featured Package // Category Caching



Find geolocation for a given IP, hostname or Plug.Conn.
Featured Package // Category Geolocation

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Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 125

Top Stories
  • Get started with Elm 0.19 and Phoenix 1.4
  • Is Elixir a scripting language?
  • Cachex v3.1 and the Return of Distributed Caches
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Simple deployment and server automation for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Deployment

How to use Elixir LS with Vim

Article Popular Story // www.mitchellhanberg.com

tfidf vs simhash

Popular comparison
  • tfidf - An Elixir implementation of term frequency-inverse document frequency.
  • simhash - Simhash implementation using Siphash and N-grams.

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Article Added by: atfforklifts // www.atfforklifts.com


Honeydew is a worker pool library for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Queue

ecto vs moebius

Popular comparison
  • ecto - A database wrapper and language integrated query for Elixir.
  • moebius - A functional query tool for Elixir and PostgreSQL.

The power of Git hooks

Many times when developing we use console log statements to help us debug a problem. Git hooks prevents them from ending up on our codebase.
Article Added by: biklas7 // medium.com


Authentication library for Phoenix, and other Plug-based, web applications
Featured Package // Category Authentication

Updating Dynamic Maps in Elixir

Article Popular Story // adamdelong.com

dbus vs amqp

Popular comparison
  • dbus - A dumb message bus for sharing data between microservices decoupled using Redis.
  • amqp - Simple Elixir wrapper for the Erlang RabbitMQ client, based on Langohr.

Hot Code Reloading in Elixir

Article Popular Story // blog.appsignal.com


Error logging to Honeybadger.
Featured Package // Category Logging

Is Elixir a scripting language?

Article Popular Story // robots.thoughtbot.com


Cloak makes it easy to use encryption with Ecto.
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

bodyguard vs canary

Popular comparison
  • bodyguard - A flexibile authorization libarary for Phoenix applications.
  • canary - An authorization library for Elixir applications that restricts what resources the current user is allowed to access.

Cachex v3.1 and the Return of Distributed Caches

Article Popular Story // whitfin.io

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Plug support for Absinthe.
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

poison vs jason

Popular comparison
  • poison - Poison is a new JSON library for Elixir focusing on wicked-fast speed without sacrificing simplicity, completeness, or correctness.
  • jason - A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir.

mailman vs swoosh

Popular comparison
  • mailman - Mailman provides a clean way of defining mailers in your Elixir applications.
  • swoosh - Compose, deliver and test your Emails easily in Elixir with adapters for SMTP, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark and Phoenix integration with mailbox preview.


Structured logging platform; turns raw text logs into rich structured events.
Featured Package // Category Logging

Get started with Elm 0.19 and Phoenix 1.4

Article Popular Story // blog.ispirata.com

ExVCR vs bypass

Popular comparison
  • ExVCR - HTTP request/response recording library for Elixir, inspired by VCR.
  • bypass - Bypass provides a quick way to create a mock HTTP server with a custom plug.

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 124

Top Stories
  • A sneak peek at Ecto 3.0: query improvements (part 1)
  • How Does Elixir Pass Messages Across nodes
  • 10 Lessons from Decade with Erlang (some of them are valid for Elixir, too)
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Elixir-friendly Prometheus.io monitoring system and time series database client.
Featured Package // Category Instrumenting / Monitoring

A sneak peek at Ecto 3.0: query improvements (part 2)

Article Popular Story // blog.plataformatec.com.br


KATT (Klarna API Testing Tool) is an HTTP-based API testing tool for Erlang.
Featured Package // Category Testing

fnv vs murmur

Popular comparison
  • fnv - Pure Elixir implementation of Fowler-Noll-Vo hash functions.
  • murmur - A pure Elixir implementation of the non-cryptographic hash Murmur3.