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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.
Sponsored scoutapm.com

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Top Stories
  • Announcing Livebook
  • Let it crash philosophy in Elixir​ and Erlang​
  • Let's Build An Instagram Clone With The PETAL(Phoenix, Elixir, TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, LiveView) Stack
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Running Dialyzer for Elixir Projects in GitHub Actions

Article Popular Story // blog.rentpathcode.com


Ecto PostgreSQL database performance insights.
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping

[LV course episode] First contact with Phoenix LiveView

Article Popular Story // www.poeticoding.com



Erlang Business Documents Generator.
Featured Package // Category Formulars

How to compose and refactor Ecto queries with Queries Modules

For a while, I’ve been looking for a perfect way to construct Ecto Queries. At Curiosum we came through a couple of iterations and eventually ended up with a solution that you may call resource-based query modules.
Article Added by: szsoppa // curiosum.dev

Announcing Livebook

Article Popular Story // dashbit.co

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A lightweight library for neural networks.
Featured Package // Category Artificial Intelligence


Fast libcsv-based stream parser for Elixir.
Synced from the Github list // Category CSV

Open-source Deep Dive: Broadway

Broadway - an Elixir library for building data processing pipelines for data sources like message queues - take center stage!

Part one is about the concepts behind Broadway like message queues and the architecture of a pipeline. Part two dives into the implementation of certain features like rate limiting. Part two can be found at https://woojiahao.github.io/blog/posts/open-source-deep-dive-broadway-part-2
Article Added by: woojiahao // woojiahao.github.io


Elixir client for the DNSimple API v2.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs


Torch is a rapid admin generator for Phoenix apps. It uses generators rather than DSLs to ensure that the code remains maintainable.
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

Let it crash philosophy in Elixir​ and Erlang​

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


Runtime configuration system for Elixir
Featured Package // Category Configuration


An Elixir plug that adds CORS headers to requests and responds to preflight requests (OPTIONS).
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

Nx-powered Neural Networks for Elixir

Library Popular Story // github.com

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Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 254

Top Stories
  • Parser Combinators in Elixir
  • Test driving @tailwindcss/jit with Phoenix. SPOILER: It's great
  • Test Driving OTP - creating a registry with expiring entries
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Giving the finger to those pesky bots!

Article Popular Story // elxsy.com


CSV Decoding and Encoding for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category CSV


Phoenix.HTML functions for working with HTML strings and templates.
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

Parser Combinators in Elixir

Article Popular Story // serokell.io


Kafka client library for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Queue


Extensible live_components, without boilerplate.
Synced from the Github list // Category Framework Components


An HTTP client with a focus on performance, built on top of Mint and NimblePool.
Featured Package // Category HTTP


Apache Druid client for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping


A fast, flexible and powerful distributed caching framework for Elixir
Featured Package // Category Caching


Elixir client for Sentry.
Featured Package // Category Logging

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 253

Top Stories
  • How I used Phoenix Channels, PubSub, Presence & more for a new feature
  • Securing Webhook Payload Delivery in Phoenix
  • High Performance Numerical Elixir with Nx
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