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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.


An Elixir Geocoder/Reverse Geocoder
Featured Package // Category Geolocation



Bitcoin utilities in Elixir
Featured Package // Category Text and Numbers

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Elixir v1.13 released

Update Popular Story // elixir-lang.org

Custom eLearning Application in Elixir – why is worth it? Real-life projects examples

It wasn't that easy, but we found for you some great examples of eLearning applications made in Elixir. So first - check why is worth it to invest in a custom eLearning app, and secondly - check why Elixir is awesome to create one!
Article Added by: NataliaCuriosum // curiosum.com


An HTML DSL for Elixir and Phoenix
Featured Package // Category Templating

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  • How functional programming made me an better developer, with Elixir
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💠 BPE: Business Process Engine
Featured Package // Category Applications


TDS Driver for Elixir
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping


🟪 AppSignal for Elixir package
Featured Package // Category Instrumenting / Monitoring

Summer and winter time changes with DateTime

Article Popular Story // nts.strzibny.name


Never get surprised by a logging bill again. Centralized structured logging for Cloudflare, Vercel, Elixir and Javascript.
Featured Package // Category Applications

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Auth0 OAuth2 strategy for Überauth.
Featured Package // Category Authentication


Elixir implementation of CLDR/ICU
Featured Package // Category Translations and Internationalizations


Elixir date recurrence library based on iCalendar events
Featured Package // Category Date and Time

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 287

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  • Launching Livebook using LiveView
  • Safe Ecto Migrations - Recipes and Resources
  • Pagination and Infinite Scroll in Phoenix
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The DNSimple API client for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

Top Elixir Learning Media & Resources in 2022

Regardless of whether you've only just heard of the Elixir programming language and would like to learn it, or if you're a seasoned developer with years of experience, you need adequate learning resources to ensure steady progress in your career - and just equally as important is the need to be up to date with what's new & trending in the functional.
Article Added by: renatacuriosum // curiosum.com

Building a simple Calendly clone with Phoenix LiveView (pt. 1)

Article Popular Story // bigardone.medium.com

Pagination and Infinite Scroll in Phoenix

Article Popular Story // brooklinmyers.medium.com


Rational number library for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Algorithms and Data structures


Telegram Bot API low level API and framework
Featured Package // Category Chatting

Safe Ecto Migrations - Recipes and Resources

Article Popular Story // fly.io

Deploying Elixir eBook

Article Popular Story // dev.to


coderplanets.com API(GraphQL) server, build with elixir, phoenix, absinthe
Featured Package // Category Examples and funny stuff


Elixir client for Honeybadger.
Featured Package // Category Logging


💧 Elixir NIF for cmark (C), a parser library following the CommonMark spec, a compatible implementation of Markdown.
Featured Package // Category Markdown


InfluxDB driver for Elixir
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping

Launching Livebook using LiveView

Article Popular Story // fly.io