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Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.


An Elixir client for the Nu HTML Checker (v.Nu).
Featured Package // Category HTML



A YAML encoder for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category YAML

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  • Been away from Elixir for awhile, but today's delivery is the refresher to bring me back into the fold.
  • Integrate Slack into Elixir's logging system
  • Speed Up Your Elixir Testing with Custom Tasks and Key Bindings in Visual Studio Code

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Postgrex.Extension and Ecto.Type for PostgreSQL isn module
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping


🛡️ CA: Certificate Authority. ДСТУ: 4145. ITU/IETF: 3279, 5755, X.501, X.509, X.511, X.520.
Featured Package // Category Security


User-friendly translations manager for Elixir/Phoenix projects.
Featured Package // Category Phoenix


User agent parser library
Featured Package // Category Text and Numbers


Beaver is a LLVM/MLIR Toolkit in Elixir and Zig.
Featured Package // Category Artificial Intelligence

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Telegram bot framework and API client written in Elixir
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

Integrate Slack into Elixir's logging system

Article Popular Story // elixirforum.com


🍵 First-class Elixir match specifications.
Featured Package // Category OTP

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Top Stories
  • EEP-68: JSON library - Proposals: RFC - Erlang Programming Language Forum
  • Observability for Phoenix using the Grafana Stack in Dev
  • Reflections On 25 Years Of Programming


An integrated knowledge work environment for open source software projects with GPT4 as an LLM assistant.
Featured Package // Category Documentation

Lexical LSP 0.5 Released

Update Popular Story // github.com


Elixir library to build Plug-like pipelines
Featured Package // Category Framework Components

Enhancing user experience in LiveView applications with Alpine.js

How integrating Alpine.js with LiveView can significantly enhance the user experience in your applications.
Article Added by: karolinauske // curiosum.com


Elixir library designed to help you manage the complexity of Phoenix contexts. It offers tools for module separation, subcontext creation, and auto-generating CRUD operations.
Featured Package // Category Phoenix

Elixir Meetup #25 with Curiosum - Alvaro Callero

🎥 Missed our Elixir Meetup #25 on Valentine's Day? No worries! 💖 Curiosum got your back.

The recording is now available on YouTube, featuring Alvaro Callero's expert insights on 'How to Develop an App on OTP.' Whether you were caught up in Valentine's plans or just couldn't make it, here's your chance to catch up and level up your Elixir skills! 🙌

Don't miss out - tune in now! 💡
Tutorial Added by: MusiolMikolaj // curiosum.com


The library for managing pools of workers. In short, this is a `poolboy` written in Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Actors


A web-based document reader.
Featured Package // Category Applications


An Elixir mocking library that makes sense by exposing meck in the right way
Featured Package // Category Testing


An Elixir library to interact with Chargebee
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

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  • Why Elixir Is the Best Language for Building a Bootstrapped, B2B SaaS in 2024
  • Introducing Elixir WebRTC
  • Writing Python like it’s Elixir (or Erlang)


Elixir OpenAi Client
Featured Package // Category Artificial Intelligence

What are Elixir macros for, anyway?

Article Popular Story // phoenixonrails.com

Introducing Elixir WebRTC

Article Popular Story // blog.swmansion.com


Filename sanitization for Elixir
Featured Package // Category Files and Directories