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Remote code execution in Elixir-based Paginator

Article Popular Story // www.alphabot.com

Google Maps

Google Maps API written in Elixir
Featured Package // Category Geolocation


verk vs exq

Popular comparison
  • verk - Verk is a job processing system backed by Redis. It uses the same job definition of Sidekiq/Resque.
  • exq - Job processing library for Elixir

Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.
Promoted scoutapm.com

rebar3_hex v6.10.2

A new version of rebar3_hex has been released
New Version


Zero-dependency, blazing fast functional lenses.
Featured Package // Category Macros

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Pow vs coherence

Popular comparison
  • Pow - Pow is a robust, modular, and extendable authentication and user management solution for Phoenix and Plug-based apps.
  • coherence - Coherence is a full featured, configurable authentication system for Phoenix.

swoosh v1.1.2

A new version of swoosh has been released
New Version


EDN encoder/decoder for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Text and Numbers

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 235

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  • Phoenix LiveView Uploads Deep Dive
  • Just posted an article about Elixir Metaprogramming
  • This Week in Elixir and Erlang #9
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appsignal-elixir v2.0.1

A new version of appsignal-elixir has been released
New Version


SMPP 3.4 protocol and framework implementation in Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Protocols

oban vs broadway

Popular comparison
  • oban - Robust asynchronous job processor powered by Elixir and modern PostgreSQL.
  • broadway - Concurrent and multi-stage data ingestion and data processing with Elixir.

Just posted an article about Elixir Metaprogramming

Article Popular Story // www.christianblavier.com

amnesia vs ecto

Popular comparison
  • amnesia - Mnesia wrapper for Elixir.
  • ecto - A database wrapper and language integrated query for Elixir.

This Week in Elixir and Erlang #9

Article Popular Story // preslav.me

dialyxir vs credo

Popular comparison
  • dialyxir - Mix tasks to simplify use of Dialyzer in Elixir projects.
  • credo - A static code analysis tool with a focus on code consistency and teaching Elixir.


Twilio API client for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

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Elixir date recurrence library based on iCalendar events
Featured Package // Category Date and Time


An Elixir library designed to be used as SIP protocol middleware.
Featured Package // Category Protocols

Phoenix LiveView Uploads Deep Dive

Article Popular Story // www.phoenixframework.org

jason vs poison

Popular comparison
  • jason - A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir.
  • poison - Poison is a new JSON library for Elixir focusing on wicked-fast speed without sacrificing simplicity, completeness, or correctness.


exBankID is a simple stateless API-client for the Swedish BankID API
Featured Package // Category Authentication

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 234

Top Stories
  • Maxim Fedorov - Scaling Erlang cluster to 10,000 nodes
  • "How I learned to live with discomfort and love Elixir" - Lars Wikman
  • This Week in Elixir and Erlang #8
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csv2sql v2.0.1

A new version of csv2sql has been released
New Version


Erlang Business Documents Generator.
Featured Package // Category Formulars

erlcloud vs ex_aws

Popular comparison
  • erlcloud - Cloud Computing library for Erlang (Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, SimpleDB, Mechanical Turk, ELB).
  • ex_aws - AWS client, supporting Dynamo, Kinesis, Lambda, SQS, and S3.

bamboo vs swoosh

Popular comparison
  • bamboo - Composable, testable and adapter based email library. Out of the box support for rendering with Phoenix and a plug for previewing sent emails in dev.
  • swoosh - Compose, deliver and test your Emails easily in Elixir with adapters for SMTP, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark and Phoenix integration with mailbox preview.


Elixir NIF for CommonMark (in C), a parser following the CommonMark spec.
Featured Package // Category Markdown

chromic_pdf v0.6.0

A new version of chromic_pdf has been released
New Version