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DalmatinerDB query engine.
Featured package // Category ORM and Datamapping

wallaby vs hound

Popular comparison
  • wallaby - Wallaby helps test your web applications by simulating user interactions concurrently and manages browsers.
  • hound - Elixir library for writing integration tests and browser automation.

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  • Small data with Elixir (by José Valim@Plataformatec Blog)
  • Distributed Elixir on… Heroku?
  • Use tuple types in Elixir for better code quality
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The access sigil
Added by StanBright into category Sigils



Command handling middleware for Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) applications.
Featured package // Category Framework Components

dbus vs amqp

Popular comparison
  • dbus - A dumb message bus for sharing data between microservices decoupled using Redis.
  • amqp - Simple Elixir wrapper for the Erlang RabbitMQ client, based on Langohr.

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Elixir-friendly Prometheus.io monitoring system and time series database client.
Featured package // Category Instrumenting / Monitoring

Phoenix Trello vs Phoenix Toggl

Popular comparison
  • Phoenix Trello - Trello tribute done in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux.
  • Phoenix Toggl - Toggl tribute done in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux.


Super easy to use and extremely useful....but I'm definitely biased.
Recommended by zsherman // Timber


Create Elixir structs from data.
Featured package // Category Algorithms and Data structures

extreme vs eventstore

Popular comparison
  • extreme - An Elixir library using Eventstore for persistance of events generated by aggregates (CQRS).
  • eventstore - A CQRS EventStore using Postgres for persistence, written in Elixir.

Medium SDK for Elixir

Elixir SDK for the Medium.com API
Featured package // Category Third Party APIs

base58check vs bencode

Popular comparison
  • base58check - Base58Check encoding/decoding for Bitcoin.
  • bencode - A Bencode encoder and decoder for Elixir. The decoder will return the checksum value of the info dictionary, if an info dictionary was found in the input.


Set up a Plug application with less boilerplate.
Featured package // Category Framework Components

guardian vs coherence

Popular comparison
  • guardian - An authentication framework for use with Elixir applications.
  • coherence - Coherence is a full featured, configurable authentication system for Phoenix.

Small data with Elixir (by José Valim@Plataformatec Blog)

Popular Story // blog.plataformatec.com.br


Ecto adapter for Mnesia Erlang term database.
Featured package // Category ORM and Datamapping

simplex vs forecast_io

Popular comparison
  • simplex - An Elixir library for interacting with the Amazon SimpleDB API.
  • forecast_io - Simple wrapper for Forecast.IO API.


State Machine for Ecto
Added by StanBright into category State Machines


An Elixir library for interfacing with the Trello API
Added by chrisyammine into category Third Party APIs

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The server-side jQuery. Manipulate User Interface directly from the Elixir/Phoenix application: eliminate Ajax and JS
Featured package // Category HTML

tesla vs httpoison

Popular comparison
  • tesla - HTTP client library, with support for middleware and multiple adapters.
  • httpoison - Yet Another HTTP client for Elixir powered by hackney.

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 43

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  • Elixir Deep Dive: Evercam, a 10K LOC Phoenix app
  • Building a Command Line Web Scraper in Elixir
  • Learn The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp
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A pure webserver interface for Elixir
Added by StanBright into category Framework Components


Ecto plugin for tracking and recording all the changes in your database.
Featured package // Category ORM and Datamapping

jsx vs poison

Popular comparison
  • jsx - An Erlang application for consuming, producing, and manipulating json.
  • poison - Poison is a new JSON library for Elixir focusing on wicked-fast speed without sacrificing simplicity, completeness, or correctness.


A configurable framework to search, sort and paginate Ecto Queries.
Featured package // Category Framework Components