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Phoenix: Introduction to Controllers, Views, and Templates for Beginners

We will proceed to build a chat application. In this tutorial, we will get familiar with MVC and learn about Controllers and Views.
Tutorial Added by: ck3g // whatdidilearn.info


Ecto compatible library for simple stat keeping by time period.
Synced from the Github list // Category Statistics


Client for Sphinx Search compatible with Manticore.
Synced from the Github list // Category Search


An Elixir wrapper for the redbug production-friendly Erlang tracing debugger.
Featured Package // Category Debugging



Elixir wrapper for libntru. A post quantum cryptography system.
Featured Package // Category Cryptography

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Bottler is a collection of tools that aims to help you generate releases, ship them to your servers, install them there, and get them live on production.
Featured Package // Category Release Management

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 87

Top Stories
  • Things I wish ActiveRecord had after using Ecto
  • Mock current time in Elixir
  • Simple web services with Ace.
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A simple yet efficient URL shortening service written in Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Applications

Elixir v1.6 released!

Update Popular Story // elixir-lang.org

phoenix vs sugar

Popular comparison
  • phoenix - Elixir Web Framework targeting full-featured, fault tolerant applications with realtime functionality.
  • sugar - Modular web framework for Elixir.


Ecto plugin for tracking and recording all the changes in your database.
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping

pooler vs poolboy

Popular comparison
  • pooler - An OTP Process Pool Application.
  • poolboy - A hunky Erlang worker pool factory.

bodyguard vs canary

Popular comparison
  • bodyguard - A flexibile authorization libarary for Phoenix applications.
  • canary - An authorization library for Elixir applications that restricts what resources the current user is allowed to access.


Elixir port of NanoID, a secure and URL-friendly unique ID generator.
Synced from the Github list // Category Text and Numbers


An OTP application for generating blogs from git repositories containing markdown files.
Featured Package // Category Static Page Generation


Error logging to Honeybadger.
Featured Package // Category Logging

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A project that will render your data models into JSONAPI Documents.
Featured Package // Category JSON

swoosh vs bamboo

Popular comparison
  • swoosh - Compose, deliver and test your Emails easily in Elixir with adapters for SMTP, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark and Phoenix integration with mailbox preview.
  • bamboo - Composable, testable and adapter based email library. Out of the box support for rendering with Phoenix and a plug for previewing sent emails in dev.


A Google Cloud Datastore client.
Featured Package // Category Third Party APIs

simplex vs coinbase

Popular comparison
  • simplex - An Elixir library for interacting with the Amazon SimpleDB API.
  • coinbase - A unofficial Coinbase API v1 Client.


An implementation of RDF for Elixir
Featured Package // Category Frameworks

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 86

Top Stories
  • Designing scalable application with Elixir: from umbrella project to distributed system
  • Fast Full-text Search with Ecto and PostgreSQL
  • Introduction to OTP, GenServers and Supervisors
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An OpenCage Geocoder API wrapper written in Elixir
Package Added by freyfogle


Elixir access to hardware I/O interfaces such as GPIO, I2C, and SPI.
Featured Package // Category Hardware

Hacklines - The Google of all Elixir programming articles, videos, and podcasts

Discover the latest Elixir articles, tutorials, libraries, and code snippets from around the web to keep your programming skills sharp
Service Added by: hacklines // hacklines.com


HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Websocket client for Erlang/OTP.
Synced from the Github list // Category HTTP

mysql vs hstore

Popular comparison
  • mysql - MySQL/OTP
  • hstore - Hstore support for Postgrex.

jsx vs poison

Popular comparison
  • jsx - An Erlang application for consuming, producing, and manipulating json.
  • poison - Poison is a new JSON library for Elixir focusing on wicked-fast speed without sacrificing simplicity, completeness, or correctness.