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State machine thin layer for structs (+ GUI for Phoenix apps)
Featured Package // Category State Machines



An Elixir library using Eventstore for persistance of events generated by aggregates (CQRS).
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 121

Top Stories
  • I got frustrated the bitly charged $500 per month so I wrote my own link shortner with Elixir, Phoenix and Mnesia
  • How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC
  • Phoenix’s LiveView: Client-Side Elixir At Last? – Red Shift
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Simple pattern generator for matching on elixir quoted expressions.
Featured Package // Category Macros


An implementation of JSON-LD for Elixir and RDF.ex
Featured Package // Category JSON

Phoenix’s LiveView: Client-Side Elixir At Last? – Red Shift

Article Popular Story // shift.infinite.red

calendar vs timex

Popular comparison
  • calendar - Calendar is a date and time library for Elixir.
  • timex - Easy to use Date and Time modules for Elixir.


Date & Time formatting based on the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR)
Featured Package // Category Date and Time

Deploying a Phoenix app to Heroku (Elixir 1.7)

Article Popular Story // alchemist.camp

exop vs vex

Popular comparison
  • exop - A library that allows to encapsulate business logic and validate params with predefined contract.
  • vex - An extensible data validation library for Elixir.

rebar3_abnfc_plugin vs Rebar3

Popular comparison
  • rebar3_abnfc_plugin - Rebar3 abnfc compiler.
  • Rebar3 - Erlang build tool that makes it easy to compile and test Erlang applications and releases.


Referer parser library in Elixir. Fetching info from URLs.
Featured Package // Category Text and Numbers


Simple mocking library for asynchronous testing in Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Testing

Why and How I Solved Server Side Rendering with Elixir

Article Popular Story // www.codemy.net

Last 30 Days


A project that will render your data models into JSONAPI Documents.
Featured Package // Category JSON

n2o vs Phoenix Trello

Popular comparison
  • n2o - WebSocket Application Server.
  • Phoenix Trello - Trello tribute done in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux.


Simple Background Job Processing with Mnesia.
Featured Package // Category Queue

Awesome Elixir Newsletter » 120

Top Stories
  • ElixirConf 2018
  • Code Elixir LDN 2018 - YouTube
  • Distributed Agreement on Random Order – Fun with Lamport Timestamps
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Simple event bus implementation with topic filtering and built-in event store and event watcher.
Featured Package // Category Eventhandling

growl vs charm

Popular comparison
  • growl - Simple wrapper for growl, the notification system for OSX.
  • charm - Use ANSI terminal characters to write colors and cursor positions.


An Elixir wrapper around esqlite. Allows access to sqlite3 databases.
Featured Package // Category ORM and Datamapping


Coverage Reports for Elixir.
Featured Package // Category Code Analysis

wallaby vs hound

Popular comparison
  • wallaby - Wallaby helps test your web applications by simulating user interactions concurrently and manages browsers.
  • hound - Elixir library for writing integration tests and browser automation.


Money arithmetic, conversion, serialisation with Ecto and exchange rate service integration.
Featured Package // Category Text and Numbers

redix vs exredis

Popular comparison
  • redix - Superfast, pipelined, resilient Redis driver for Elixir.
  • exredis - Redis client for Elixir.

murmur vs fnv

Popular comparison
  • murmur - A pure Elixir implementation of the non-cryptographic hash Murmur3.
  • fnv - Pure Elixir implementation of Fowler-Noll-Vo hash functions.