Ash is a resource-oriented application framework for Elixir. To riff on a famous JRR Tolkien quote, a Resource is "One Interface to rule them all, One Interface to find them" and will become an indispensable place to define contracts for interacting with data throughout your application.

To start using Ash, first declare your Resources using the Ash Resource DSL. You could technically stop there, and just leverage the Ash Elixir API to avoid writing boilerplate. More likely, you would use extensions like Ash.JsonApi or Ash.GraphQL with Phoenix to add external interfaces to those resources without having to write any extra code at all.

Ash is an open-source project and draws inspiration from similar ideas in other frameworks and concepts. The goal of Ash is to lower the barrier to adopting and using Elixir and Phoenix, and in doing so help these amazing communities attract new developers, projects, and companies.

Monthly Downloads: 4,666
Programming language: Elixir
License: MIT License
Tags: Frameworks     REST And API     Abstraction     API     Data Access     Elixir    
Latest version: v2.0.0-rc.3

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2.0 release coming soon!

2.0 release is coming any day now, just wrapping up some documentation. The current version of Ash is stable (v1.53.3). It is being used in production on several large applications and has had many success stories. There are release candidates available on hex for 2.0.0 if you'd like to start there.

What is Ash?

Check out Ash HQ for all the latest Ash goodness, from tutorials and reference to the Ash philosophy and what makes it unique and powerful.


def deps do
    {:ash, "~> 1.53.3"}


Ash is made possible by its excellent community!

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