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  • An example-based book that teaches you to build production-quality web apps.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // 22 days ago
  • A book about how to apply Elixir to practical problems associated with scalability, fault tolerance, and high availability.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // 22 days ago
  • Syncfusion has published a short book about Elixir and OTP. Full of code samples is perfect for people interested in learning Elixir.
    Book  Added by emadb // // 25 days ago
  • A book that introduces writing applications in Elixir and OTP.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // about 1 month ago
  • Just like in the documentary series “Big, Bigger, Biggest” we are going to show the different versions we developed on a real project, alongside the pitfalls and breakthroughs of each version, to increasingly scrape and aggregate bigger amounts of data from multiple sources and feed that data into a comprehensive dashboard.
    Article  Added by biklas7 // // about 2 months ago
  • A story of developing a Rails app with the assistance of Phoenix app delegated to performing custom tasks. See how the romance between Rails and Phoenix ended with building a highly performant online ticketing marketplace app.
    Tutorial  Added by JoannaStaromiejska // // about 2 months ago
  • With Java it’s possible to use processes and parallelize them but it isn’t common and it’s always a struggle. With Elixir I found another world that, citing Bruce Williams, doesn’t treat concurrency and process management like afterthoughts or advanced features. A few months ago Elixir was updated to version 1.6 which introduced the DynamicSupervisor.
    Article  Added by biklas7 // // about 2 months ago
  • Build on a solid foundation of Nerves, quickly write robust firmware in Elixir, and rocket through the clouds with AWS. Along the way this post will expose you to some of the biggest pieces of the IoT puzzle.
    Article  Added by danielspofford // // 2 months ago
  • 15+ years of coding and it took learning several languages to understand there is no silver bullet when it comes to choosing the right technology for a project. This road includes transitioning from NodeJS to Elixir then to Go, in the pursuit of a more flexible tech stack.
    Article  Added by around25team // // 2 months ago
  • Article  Added by amatalai // // 3 months ago
  • Aqua is general templating and scaffolding solution for Elixir projects, that helps:
    - make the Elixir's development experience smoother
    - follow the best practices for project structuring
    - increase development speed
    Tool  Added by Virviil // // 3 months ago
  • In the article we’ll try to answer the question: which control flow statements use in our code, and which - not to use. Performance testing and dissembling is under cut. Check it out!
    Article  Added by Virviil // // 3 months ago
  • How to handle many to many relationships with Ecto in Elixir.
    Article  Added by biklas7 // // 3 months ago
  • Now a new programming language called Elixir and its the most popular Phoenix framework have been discussed by web developers for a couple of years. The most favorite topics are Elixir vs. Ruby and Phoenix vs. Rails because Elixir has caused the greatest interest in the community of Ruby developers.

    This article gives you a profound understanding about Elixir and Ruby web programming languages and how they should be better utilized.
    Article  Added by Bessalitskykh // // 5 months ago
  • Learn from our example and check this quick tips and tools to analyse your crash dumps in this [blog post](
    Article  Added by biklas7 // // 6 months ago
  • Nowadays the Elixir programming language and the Phoenix framework are gaining more and more popularity, and the feedback from developers who have tried these technologies remains positive.

    Follow this article to find out influential information about the Elixir programming language and its Phoenix framework.
    Article  Added by Bessalitskykh // // 7 months ago
  • Article  Added by biklas7 // // 7 months ago
  • Article  Added by biklas7 // // 7 months ago
  • Many times when developing we use console log statements to help us debug a problem. Git hooks prevents them from ending up on our codebase.
    Article  Added by biklas7 // // 7 months ago
  • “Like a photo”, “Up-vote response” or “Follow user” come under a basic set of operations one needs in every other web project. Managing a separate entity or handling the execution within the specific models can be a never ending debate. It is smart to leave external libraries take care of these rudimentary tasks while your focus should be on core activities.
    Article  Added by ramansah // // 9 months ago
  • Learn Elixir not because you will get a better job out of it, but because learning functional programming will make you a better programmer.
    Article  Added by chalmagean // // 10 months ago
  • Short guide containing things that can't make it into the official guide since they rely on third parties (docker deployments, continuous integration/delivery, instrumentation)
    Tutorial  Added by happysalada // // 10 months ago
  • Draw a clear line between fakes, stubs, mocks, and spies in Elixir, and learn how to use them.
    Tutorial  Added by thiagoa // // 11 months ago
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  • I have many dreams, I like that. And I will do them gradually. Although throughout the contest she was not one of the prominent candidates, but in all the contest she will do very well and convincingly.
    Article  Added by thutrangctp // // 11 months ago
  • Some of Elixir's most powerful capabilities are misunderstood or not accounted for at all. Choose the right host more quickly by understanding the unique strengths of Elixir and how they should impact hosting decisions.
    Article  Added by brianz // // 11 months ago
  • Get unrivaled performance as networks, hardware and software are continuously updated, monitored, maintained and enhanced. As Managed IT Services New York City, we assure you a superior result with utmost satisfaction. Manage your Business while we manage your network.
    Article  Added by Markzuker // // 12 months ago
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