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  • v0.1.0-alpha.2 Changes

    June 09, 2020
    • New Markdown component
    • New Link component
    • New form components Form, Field, TextArea, Label, TextInput, RadioButton, HiddenInput, ColorInput, DateInput, DateTimeLocalInput, EmailInput, NumberInput, PasswordInput, RangeInput, SearchInput, TelephoneInput, TimeInput, UrlInput, Reset and Submit.
    • Automatically define a required :id property for live components that implement handle_event/3
    • New config API for components
    • Update LiveView to v0.13
  • v0.1.0-alpha.1 Changes

    April 13, 2020
    • Add support for slots
    • Add built-in LivePath and LiveRedirect components
    • Drop automatic camel-to-kebab conversion for CSS class name
    • Drop support for inner_content.(). Use inner_content.([]) instead
    • Update LiveView to v0.11.1
  • v0.1.0-alpha.0 Changes

    February 26, 2020
    • Initial alpha release