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Programming language: Elixir
License: MIT License
Tags: Third Party APIs    
Latest version: v0.7.8

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Elixtagram is a simple Instagram client for Elixir.

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Read the docs

I've created an example application with Phoenix here



Add the following to your mix.exs


def application do
  [mod: {InstagramPhoenixExample, []},
   applications: [:elixtagram]]


defp deps do
  [{:elixtagram, "~> 0.6.0"}]



Elixtagram will first look for application variables, then environment variables. This is useful if you want to set application variables locally and environment variables in production (e.g. on Heroku). That being said, I recommend using Dotenv locally.


config :elixtagram,
  instagram_client_id: "YOUR-CLIENT-ID",
  instagram_client_secret: "YOUR-CLIENT-SECRET",
  instagram_redirect_uri: "YOUR-REDIRECT-URI"



You can also configure these programatically at runtime if you wish:

iex(1)> Elixtagram.configure("YOUR-CLIENT-ID", "YOUR-CLIENT-SECRET", "YOUR-REDIRECT-URI")
{:ok, []}


Before using Elixtagram, it needs to be initialised. Run Elixtagram.configure/0 or Elixtagram.configure/1 before any other commands

Authenticate a user

# Generate a URL to send them to
iex(1)> Elixtagram.authorize_url!

# Instagram will redirect them back to your INSTAGRAM_REDIRECT_URI, so once they're there, you need to catch the url param 'code', and exchange it for an access token.

iex(2)> code = "XXXXXXXXXX"
iex(3)> {:ok, access_token} = Elixtagram.get_token!(code: code)

# Now we can optionally set this as the global token, and make requests with it by passing :global instead of a token.
iex(4)> Elixtagram.configure(:global, access_token)

Unauthenticated endpoints

There are a lot of endpoints you can use without an access token from a user. Most methods can be called in one of three ways, for example:

# Unauthenticated
iex(1)> Elixtagram.tag("lifeisaboutdrugs")
%Elixtagram.Model.Tag{media_count: 27, name: "lifeisaboutdrugs"}

# Explicitly authenticated
iex(1)> Elixtagram.tag("lifeisaboutdrugs", "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX")
%Elixtagram.Model.Tag{media_count: 27, name: "lifeisaboutdrugs"}

# Implicitly authenticated (only works if you have configured a global token)
iex(1)> Elixtagram.tag("lifeisaboutdrugs", :global)
%Elixtagram.Model.Tag{media_count: 27, name: "lifeisaboutdrugs"}

Authenticated endpoints

Authenticated endpoints are mostly things which are about getting the current user's stuff

iex(1)> Elixtagram.user_feed(%{count: 2}, "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX")
[%Elixtagram.Model.Media{...}, %Elixtagram.Model.Media{...}]

iex(2)> Elixtagram.user_feed(%{count: 2}, :global)
[%Elixtagram.Model.Media{...}, %Elixtagram.Model.Media{...}]

All of the available methods and the ways to call them are in the docs

Running the tests

TL;DR: mix test

Longer answer:

$ mix deps.get
Running dependency resolution
All dependencies up to date

$ mix test

Finished in 17.6 seconds (2.9s on load, 14.7s on tests)
91 tests, 0 failures

Randomized with seed 846369

$ mix coveralls

Finished in 13.1 seconds (1.9s on load, 11.2s on tests)
91 tests, 0 failures

Randomized with seed 972312
COV    FILE                                        LINES RELEVANT   MISSED
100.0% lib/elixtagram.ex                             806       49        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/base.ex                     84       24        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/comments.ex                 30        3        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/follows.ex                  37        5        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/likes.ex                    30        3        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/locations.ex                56       12        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/media.ex                    37        6        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/tags.ex                     33        5        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/api/users.ex                    59       14        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/config.ex                       42       10        0
  0.0% lib/elixtagram/exception.ex                     3        0        0
  0.0% lib/elixtagram/model.ex                        38        0        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/oauth_strategy.ex               50       13        0
100.0% lib/elixtagram/parser.ex                       48       10        0
[TOTAL] 100.0%


It's mostly complete, but these things are missing:

  • Pagination of results for certain data types
  • Real time subscriptions
  • Secure requests



  • Merge PR which updates the new API url for Elixtagram.user_feed/2 (PR #17, thanks @sudostack!)
  • Merge PR which adds support for the new carousel_media type (PR #19, thanks @mendab1e!)


  • Merge PR which better handles cases where API request limiting kicks in (PR #18, thanks @mendab1e!)


  • Merge PR #16 which implements a paginated version of Elixtagram.tag_recent_media: Elixtagram.tag_recent_media_with_pagination (thanks @mendab1e!)


  • Merge PR #15 from @mendab1e which adds the videos field to Media (Thanks!)
  • Update the oauth2 library to version 0.9.1 which closes Issue #14 from @radzserg (Thanks, sorry it took me so long to get to this!)
  • Update httpoison to 0.11.1
  • Update poison to 3.1.0


  • Change the Elixtagram.get_token! function to return a tuple like {:ok, token}
  • Update dependencies
  • Merge a pull request which fixes an issue relating to a newer version of OAuth2 (thanks @radzserg)


  • Add user_recent_media_with_pagination (thanks again @deadkarma!)



  • Add the type attribute to Media in order to tell the difference between 'image' and 'video' types (thanks @deadkarma!)


  • Add the new created_time and users_in_photo to Media (thanks @deadkarma!)
  • Add new required OAuth permissions request (thanks @bobishh!)


  • Add credo in dev environment
  • Improve code readability and resolve credo warnings (thanks @rrrene!)


  • Update the OAuth2 library to 0.5 (thanks @steffenix!!)
  • add a couple more test cases around pagination to get back to 100% coverage


  • Minor pagination bugfix - was throwing a KeyError when requesting a paginated user_follows and on the last page of results.


  • Add pagination support for user_follows, this doesn't break the existing user_follows/2 and user_follows/3 API.


  • Add Elixtagram.authorize_url!/3, which takes a state argument to pass back to the callback url. This is useful for things like CSRF protection (read more here). This change doesn't break or change the existing API.


  • Change the api of Elixtagram.user_follows/1 & Elixtagram.user_follows/2 (now respectively Elixtagram.user_follows/2 & Elixtagram.user_follows/3) to accept a count argument.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the elixtagram README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.