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  • bamboo

    9.8 7.2 Elixir
    Composable, testable and adapter based email library. Out of the box support for rendering with Phoenix and a plug for previewing sent emails in dev.
  • gen_smtp

    9.6 4.4 Erlang
    A generic Erlang SMTP server and client that can be extended via callback modules.
  • swoosh

    9.4 8.2 Elixir
    Compose, deliver and test your Emails easily in Elixir with adapters for SMTP, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark and Phoenix integration with mailbox preview.
  • mail

    8.7 4.9 Elixir
    An RFC2822 implementation in Elixir, built for composability.
  • mailman

    8.4 2.2 Elixir
    Mailman provides a clean way of defining mailers in your Elixir applications.
  • Ravenx

    6.8 0.0 Elixir
    Notification dispatch library for Elixir applications
  • mailibex

    6.1 0.4 Elixir
    Library containing Email-related implementations in Elixir: dkim, spf, dmark, mimemail, smtp.
  • mailer

    6.0 0.0 Elixir
    A simple SMTP mailer.
  • gmail

    5.8 0.6 Elixir
    A simple Gmail REST API client for Elixir.
  • smoothie

    4.9 0.0 Elixir
    Smoothie inline styles of your email templates, and generates a plain text version from the HTML.
  • echo

    4.6 0.0 Elixir
    A meta-notification system; Echo checks notification preferences & dispatches notifications.
  • Burnex

    4.1 4.0 Elixir
    Elixir burner email (temporary address) detector 📨🔥
  • pop3mail

    4.1 5.7 Elixir
    Pop3 client to download email (including attachments) from the inbox via the commandline or Elixir API.
  • EmailGuard

    1.1 1.8 Elixir
    Elixir library for detecting disposable or personal email addresses.
  • ex_postmark

    0.6 0.0 Elixir
    Postmark adapter for sending template emails in Elixir.