Dockerize is an Elixir package that helps you create Docker images from Elixir projects.

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Programming language: Elixir
License: MIT License

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Dockerize is an Elixir package that helps you create Docker images from Elixir projects.


  • Elixir >= 1.9


mix archive.install hex dockerize

Getting Started

1. Generate configurations from template

Run this command in your project directory:

mix dockerize.init

2. Build your docker image

just run docker build, for example

docker build .

# or optionally run with buildkit:
# DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build .


Now you are free to do anything with the docker image built, either run it locally or host it on your infrastructures, e.g a Kubernete cluster.

For more information of docker build, please refer to the official document.


Phoenix projects without assets

By default, it speculates if it's running in a phoenix project or not, by information from Mix.Project.config(). So basically you have to do nothing specially. But if your phoenix project doesn't have assets, you could use the --no-phoenix-assets parameter on generating the Dockerfile.

Use different app name other than directory name

By default, it speculates app_name from the directory name. You can change it by:

mix dockerize.init --app my_app

use MIX_ENV other than prod

By default, it build the image with MIX_ENV=prod. You can change MIX_ENV value by providing it as an build argument:

docker build --build-arg mix_env=dev .

use HEX_MIRROR other than default (https://repo.hex.pm)

If you are in China, you may want to use some hex mirror:

docker build --build-arg hex_mirror_url=https://hexpm.upyun.com .

Docker images underhood

There are two base docker images used:

  • elixir-runner

    • A final runtime environment for running your release.
    • This image is based on Alpine which is very small.
    • There are some useful utility tools installed out of the box.
  • elixir-builder

    • A build-time environment
    • Used for building the final minimum docker image to distribute.
    • Suitable for CI/CD uses.