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  • edeliver

    9.9 5.5 Shell
    Deployment for Elixir and Erlang.
  • Nanobox

    9.8 1.4 Go
    A micro-PaaS (μPaaS) for creating consistent, isolated, development environments deployable anywhere
  • gatling

    9.1 0.0 Elixir
    Collection of mix tasks to automatically create a exrm release from git and launch/upgrade it on your server.
  • bootleg

    8.8 3.9 Elixir
    Simple deployment and server automation for Elixir.
  • AlloyCI

    8.0 7.3 Elixir
    Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir.
  • elixir-on-docker

    7.4 0.0 Elixir
    A project template to get started developing clustered Elixir applications for cloud environments.
  • akd

    5.6 4.2 Elixir
    Capistrano like, Configurable, and easy to set up Elixir Deployment Automation Framework.
  • exreleasy

    3.1 3.0 Elixir
    Dead simple and Mix friendly tool for releasing Elixir applications.
  • Gigalixir

    - -
    A fully-featured PaaS designed for Elixir. Supports clustering, hot upgrades, and remote console/observer. Free to try without a credit card.