ex_doc v0.22.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-19 // 18 days ago
    • Bug fixes
      • [mix docs] Depend on earmark ~> 1.4.0
      • [mix docs] Don't crash on comments in markdown
      • [mix docs] Don't crash on HTML in markdown

Previous changes from v0.22.0

    • Enhancements

      • [EPUB] Add epub to the default formatters
      • [HTML+EPUB] Move specs out of signature
      • [HTML+EPUB] Auto-link "erlang" types & callbacks
      • [HTML+EPUB] Auto-link "erlang" modules in custom links
      • [mix docs] Warn on broken references in dependencies (e.g. `String.upcase/9`)
      • [escript] Add --app
      • [HTML+EPUB] Auto-link to extras (e.g. [foo](foo.md))
      • [mix docs] Undefined references warning now includes the filename
      • [mix docs] :skip_undefined_reference_warnings_on now also accepts a filename
      • [HTML+EPUB] Display moduledoc headings in the sidebar
    • Bug fixes

      • [HTML] Fix hidden text selection, hide tooltips for details link
      • [HTML+EPUB] Fix function name sorting (group operators together)
      • [HTML+EPUB] Fix displaying nested modules
    • Backwards incompatible changes

      • [mix docs] Remove built-in support for cmark markdown processor
      • [mix docs] Replace ExDoc.Markdown.to_html/2 with to_ast/2
      • [HTML+EPUB] Remove auto-linking for local calls to Kernel & Kernel.SpecialForms, use fully qualified calls instead. (e.g. replace `==/2` with `Kernel.==/2`.)
      • [mix docs] :skip_undefined_reference_warnings_on no longer accepts extras id, use extras filename instead.