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  • floki

    9.8 7.4 Elixir
    A simple HTML parser that enables searching using CSS like selectors.
  • Drab

    9.5 2.7 Elixir
    The server-side jQuery. Manipulate User Interface directly from the Elixir/Phoenix application: eliminate Ajax and JS
  • Meeseeks

    7.9 4.2 Elixir
    An Elixir library for extracting data from HTML.
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  • html_sanitize_ex

    7.8 4.2 Elixir
    HTML sanitizer for Elixir.
  • html_entities

    6.4 2.8 Elixir
    Elixir module for decoding HTML entities in a string.
  • modest_ex

    4.2 2.9 C
    A library to do pipeable transformations on html strings with CSS selectors, e.g. find(), prepend(), append(), replace() etc.
  • myhtmlex

    3.7 0.1 HTML
    Elixir/Erlang bindings for lexborisov's myhtml.
  • tidy_ex

    2.1 1.2 C
    Elixir binding to the granddaddy of HTML tools
  • texas

    - -
    Texas is a powerful abstraction over updating your clients using server-side rendering and server-side Virtual DOM diff/patching.