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  • “Like a photo”, “Up-vote response” or “Follow user” come under a basic set of operations one needs in every other web project. Managing a separate entity or handling the execution within the specific models can be a never ending debate. It is smart to leave external libraries take care of these rudimentary tasks while your focus should be on core activities.
    Article  Added by ramansah // medium.com // 7 months ago
  • Article  Added by ck3g // whatdidilearn.info // 10 months ago
  • Article  Added by ck3g // whatdidilearn.info // 11 months ago
  • Article  Added by ck3g // whatdidilearn.info // 12 months ago
  • Do you have a Rails background?

    Are you tired of looking at outdated or incomplete tutorials on how to build a JSON API using Elixir and Phoenix?

    Then, read on my friend!
    Article  Added by lobo-tuerto // lobotuerto.com // 12 months ago
  • Article  Added by ck3g // whatdidilearn.info // 12 months ago
  • Best Elixir frameworks to create applications for web, APIs, bots, command-line scripts, dashboards, etc. The list includes Phoenix, Nerves, Sugar, Hedwig and many more.
    Article  Added by sidray // www.icicletech.com // about 1 year ago
  • Article  Added by ck3g // whatdidilearn.info // about 1 year ago
  • Channels in Phoenix one of the coolest features. Even though that is not that hard to use.

    Channels bring the interactive functionality to the web page. Usually, when you load the page, you are sending a request to a server and the server responds back with the HTML template. Once the rendering of the page is done, a server has no way to communicate back to your browser.

    The things are changed with channels. When you load the page, it can establish a connection between a client (your brows
    Article  Added by ck3g // whatdidilearn.info // about 1 year ago
  • This article goes through the process of using Machinery into an elixir project and also explain how easily it integrates with Phoenix.
    Article  Added by joaomdmoura // joaomdmoura.com // about 1 year ago