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Elixir library to lookup the geographic location for a given IP address, hostname, or Plug.Conn.

The returned results are cached for an hour by default so that we don't hit the service unnecessarily, but this is configurable can be disabled using the config options (see below).


Add :geoip to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:geoip, "~> 0.2"}

Update your mix dependencies:

mix deps.get



The provider must be explicitly specified along with any required attributes as per examples below.


The free host that was available at freegeoip.net and the corresponding source repository at fiorix/freegeoip was deprecated in the middle of 2018, but it still allows you to launch your own instance if you wish.

config :geoip, provider: :freegeoip, url: "https://geoip.example.com"


[ipstack](ipstack.com) provides a free tier although it requires you to sign up and get an api key first.

NOTE: The free tier does not allow https access so you must specify use_https: false below.

config :geoip, provider: :ipstack, api_key: "your-api-key"


[ipinfo](ipinfo.io) does not unfortunately support lookup by hostname (only ip address), therefore the above examples where a hostname is used will return an error.

config :geoip, provider: :ipinfo, api_key: "your-api-key"


Provides an easy way to provide mock lookup data in test environments.

The test_results param is a map of host to lookup results that should be returned. If the ip/host looked up is not found in this map, then the results provided by the default_test_result param is provided.

config :geoip,
  provider: :test,
  test_results: %{ # optional
   "host.1" => %{
     ip: "",
     # ......
   "host.2" => %{
     ip: "",
     # ......
  default_test_result: %{ # optional
   ip: "",
   # ......


By default, the location results returned by the freegeoip server is cached for an hour. We can disable the cache by:

config :geoip, cache: false

Or to change the time limit of cached results:

config :geoip, cache_ttl_secs: 1800 # 30 mins

Extra parameters

You can add extra query parameters to geoip service requests via :extra_params config option:

config :geoip, extra_params: [language: "RU"]


You can pass in an IP address (as a string or a struct), hostname or a Plug.Conn struct to be looked up.

#=> {:ok, %{city: "Mountain View", country_code: "US", country_name: "United States", ip: "", latitude: 37.4192, longitude: -122.0574, metro_code: 807, region_code: "CA", region_name: "California", time_zone: "America/Los_Angeles", zip_code: "94043"}}

# Other examples:
GeoIP.lookup({8, 8, 8, 8})

This returns {:ok, response} if the lookup is successful, {:error, %GeoIP.Error{reason: reason}} otherwise.


Please see the test provider above.

Determining your remote_ip when behind a proxy

If your application is running behind a proxy, we recommend using ajvondrak/remote_ip or something similar to override the remote_ip field of Plug.Conn. Due to the various different ways of determining the applications remote ip depending on your deployment environment, we leave this up to you to configure as appropriate.

GeoIP logo

Special thanks to @batarian71 for designing and providing this project with an awesome logo

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Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2016 Navin Peiris

This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT License. See the [LICENSE.md](./LICENSE.md) file for more details.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the geoip README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.