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Programming language: C
License: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
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Latest version: v0.2.2

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Proj is an Elixir library for converting coordinates between different coordinate systems, using Erlang NIFs to the OSGeo PROJ.4 library.

Proj also supports geodesic functions from PROJ.4. A geodesic is the shortest line around the globe which crosses through two points. This is useful for solving problems such as:

  • Finding the distance between two locations

  • Finding the bearings between two locations

  • Finding the resulting location after moving x metres forwards facing a certain bearing from a given location

  • Plotting a set of points in a line between two locations


Before you can install Proj, you must have:

  • gcc
  • PROJ.4 newer than 4.9.0 (PROJ 5+ currently untested)

Proj has currently only been tested on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. Windows support has not yet been tested and may require some small changes to work under a Cygwin or MinGW environment.

Example Usage

iex> {:ok, bng} = Proj.from_epsg(27700) # British National Grid CRS is EPSG:27700
{:ok, #Proj<+init=epsg:27700 ...>}

# Convert the British National Grid Easting + Northing of Buckingham Palace into
# a Latitude + Longitude pair
iex> Proj.to_lat_lng!({529155, 179699}, bng)
{51.50147938477216, -0.1406319210455952}

# Convert the Latitude + Longitude of Buckingham Palace to its
# British National Grid Easting + Northing
iex> Proj.from_lat_lng!({51.501479, -0.140631}, bng)
{529155.0658918166, 179698.9583449281}

# Calculate the shortest distance "as the crow flies" in metres between
# Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower
iex> Proj.Geodesic.distance({51.501476, -0.140634}, {48.8584, 2.2945})

# Calculate the resulting location after travelling 100 metres forwards from
# Buckingham Palace, facing a bearing of 060°
iex> Proj.Geodesic.travel({51.501476, -0.140634}, 60, 100)
{51.50192539979596, -0.1393868003258145}