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Programming language: Elixir
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Testing    
Latest version: v0.9.2

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Kovacs - A simple ExUnit test runner


Download the latest release (or clone) the repository and build Kovacs with:

MIX_ENV=prod mix escript.build

Install the application into a directory on your path


The easiest way to do this is to create a symbolic link to kovacs in the directory where you have downloaded the project too.

    ln -s ~/{project path}/kovacs /usr/local/bin/kovacs


You will also need fswatch installed as Kovacs uses this to monitor the file system. Please download fswatch for your OS from its github repository.

Quick start

kovacs can then be run in any directory by typing the following:


By default it will monitor the lib and test directories.

Due to problems closing down external applications when exiting Elixir command line applications, please enter q<cr> to quit Kovacs.

Important: Failure to do this will leave instances of fswatch running on your system and you will need to manually tidy them up.

When you save a file, Kovacs will run the corresponding test file. The runner will look for a test file in the same directory structure as the tested file.

If you have a file in:


then it will expect the test file:


When running Kovacs, the colour output from ExUnit will not be shown. If you want to have colour output then update the projects test_helper.ex file to the following:

    ExUnit.start([colors: [enabled: true]])

Kovacs will exclude any tests that are tagged with @pending or @ignore.

    @tag :pending
    test "It will add" do
        assert 2 == 1 + 1

Integration tests

If a all tests pass for the last run file, Kovacs will attempt to run a file named after the directory the test file is in. This allows for targeted integration tests for all files that collaborate within a directory.

If it is the root directory then Kovacs will look for a file named app_test.exs.

You can toggle the running of the integration test file at any time by entering i<cr>.


if you want to watch any custom directories then you will need to supply a configuration file.

Create a Elixir configuration file e.g. kovacs.ex with the following contents.

    defmodule Kovacs.Cfg do
      def configure do
        Kovacs.watch(["./lib/dir1", "./lib/dir2", "./test"])

This will watch the lib/dir1, lib/dir2 and test directories from your project root, for file changes.

Note: Do not watch sub directories of an already watched directory. Duplicate file changes may be detected if you do.


Run kovacs with the following

    kovacs {optional configuration file}

Important: When exiting the application press the q key followed by carriage return. Do not exit kovacs with ctrl-c. This will leave fswatch instances running, which you will need to manually clean up -- you have been warned.


Copyright ยฉ 2014 Component X Software, Antony Pinchbeck

Released under Apache 2 License

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the kovacs README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.